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Where to Find a Moisin, Tent, Netting and Burlap Sack in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve covered a lot of different topics when it comes to Bohemia Interactive’s survival horror game, DayZ. Whether it’s the best places to find a gun, or perhaps how to craft natural leather clothing, we’ve been hard at working bringing DayZ players the information they need for over a year. In fact, we’ve covered so many big topics that we recently sat down to figure out what’s left, then came up with today’s article on where to find some of the most popular items in Chernarus.

Where to Find a Moisin 9130 in DayZ

A Gun House in DayZ

We’re blaming it on Mr. Blackout, as the Moisin is one of the most popular weapons in all of DayZ. Most players can’t hit the broad side of a barn with it, but that doesn’t stop them from server hopping 48 times to find one.

Rather than jump from one server to the next, however, players should stick to some common places the Moisin can be found. Start off with the gun houses (pictured above) found in just about every town Chernarus has to offer. If that doesn’t work, look in and around abandoned vehicles, police stations, and even military bases and airfields. Gun houses and abandoned vehicles should do the trick, though.

As for how to use it, we’re more into the Repeater, but perhaps Mr. Blackout can show players how it’s done.

Where to Find a Tent in DayZ

This really depends on what type of tent players are referring to. For example, there is the standard Tent, and then there is the Big Military Tent Backpack.

The standard Tent can be found inside of apartment buildings for the most part. These are usually several stories tall and don’t contain much loot (besides the tent). As demonstrated in the embedded video below, a good strategy for finding them is to head to the apartments in Chapaevsk (Chap) and climb to the roof, then look into the windows of adjacent buildings.

As for the Big Military Tent Backpack… Good luck. Seriously, though, these are very rare, and are only going to be found at helicopter crash sites and general military bases. We found one at the military tents to the west of Myshknio, but the reality is players could search for hours and not find one. With persistence being as buggy as it currently is, finding a tent might require more effort than it’s worth. Just our two cents.

Where to Find Netting in DayZ

We already covered how to craft the full ghillie suit in DayZ, and even touched on where players could find the Netting they need to do so, but we’ll expand upon that thought here. Essentially, players want to run along the coast. Our suggestion would be to start in Kamyshovo and head south, stopping around Kamarovo. Look in and around any boats resting on the shore, even going so far as to open the inventory screen to ensure nothing was missed in proximity. As far as making the ghillie suit is concerned, collecting all the necessary netting should not be the hardest part.

Where to Find Burlap Sacks in DayZ

We hope players are ready for the grind, because finding all the Burlap Sacks required to make the full ghillie suit will take hours. We mean many hours. Like four, five, six or even more. To try and cut down on the process, we advise heading north to Severograd and its surrounding communities. There are a lot of sheds and garages kicking around, two of the best places to start hoarding some Burlap Sacks. The good news is that while the full ghillie suit takes 10 Burlap Sacks (cut into Burlap Strips), individual pieces of the outfit take less.