Where to Find the Coral Buddies in Fortnite

Not only will we help you find the Coral Buddies, we’ll explain how you can help them out in Fortnite.

Fortnite has a variety of interesting challenges for players to complete, including one that tasks you with helping a friendly colony of Coral Buddies. If you want to help the Coral Buddies, you’ll first need to find where the Coral Buddies are located. 

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Where to Find the Coral Buddies in Fortnite 

Unlike Fortnite challenges like finding three hidden Gnomes in Homely Hills, tracking down the Coral Buddies is harder as the map won’t immediately show the islands they reside on.

The challenge of helping the Coral Buddies is also a secret, so it won’t appear on your list of challenges either.

To find the Coral Buddies in Fortnite, you’ll need to open up your map and look all the way at the tippy top at the B1 square. To the north of the island with the cool shark head, you’ll find two smaller islands and on these islands, you’ll find the Coral Buddies.

If you haven’t visited the area you may not even know these islands exist, and they may not appear on your map which makes sense as this is a secret challenge.

Trust us when we say that yes, these mini islands are here, and you will find the Coral Buddies on them. 

Just head north of the shark head island and you’ll run into the two tiny islands the Coral Buddies call home without issue. On the islands, you’ll see a tiny little civilization full of friendly creatures, aka the Coral Buddies. 

One of their constructions is complete while a second one needs materials. As you can guess, the Coral Buddies need your help in finishing their incomplete construction.

When you approach the miniature building site you’ll see what materials you need to provide in order to complete the structure.

For example, when we visited the Coral Buddies, the construction needed 300 Stones in order for it to be completed. It’s not a small number by any means, but fortunately there are plenty of stones to harvest in the nearby area. 

Once you have the required materials, return to the unfinished construction and interact with it to hand the materials over. After that, you’ll see it pop into completion and will be able to find out what they’ve been working on. 

When we gave 300 Stones to the Coral Buddies, the construction that popped up was a cute little pyramid. After you’ve finished helping the Coral Buddies, you’re free to move on to other areas and challenges in Fortnite. 

Again, the Coral Buddies are located on two tiny islands north of the shark head island (B1 on your map) in Fortnite. To help the Coral Buddies, look for the incomplete construction and the materials it needs. 

Once you’ve acquired the necessary materials, hand them over and that’s it, you’ve helped the Coral Buddies in Fortnite! 

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Now that you know where to find the Coral Buddies and how to help them in Fortnite, we have a few other Fortnite guides we recommend checking out! 


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