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Where to Find the Best Loot in Scum

by Josh Hawkins

Scum is an early access survival game where players must scavenge and loot for weapons and gear as they fight to survive on a massive island full of threats. Learning how to find the best loot in Scum is key. If you want to survive longer and even start building up a name for yourself among the other once prisoners, then you’re going to need to learn where to find some of the best loot in Scum.

Where to Look for the Best Loot in Scum

There are a lot of places to find loot in Scum. While the map is nicely sized, you can find a good bit of loot just about anywhere that you spawn. However, if you really want to arm yourself with the best gear available, then you’re going to want to keep an eye out for some specific places around the map. We’ve detailed a couple of areas that we’ve had good luck finding loot in below.


One of the best places we’ve found loot in Scum are underground bunkers. There are a number of these locations around the map, most of which are normally packed with a ton of guns, ammunition, body armor, MREs, as well as other really useful items that you will want to look out for. The only problem with these areas, though, is that good loot comes with a price.

You won’t be able to just walk directly into an underground bunker and start looting. Instead, you’ll need to worry about things like soldier zombies as well as a couple of massive mechs which guard the way in. Now, taking out the zombies is a challenge, but it is something that you can deal with if you know what you’re doing. The mechs on the other hand, will prove far more dangerous, so you’ll need to do your best to avoid drawing their attention.

Police Stations

Outside of bunkers, Police Stations are another great place to look for some of the better loot in Scum, especially if you’re looking to get your hands on a gun. The biggest issue here, though, is of course going to be other players. If you can make use of your own stealth skills, and keep an eye out for players are you advance on the area, you might not have too much trouble.

The biggest issue with Police Stations, though, is the fact that they are such hotspots for players and are often some of the first places to get looted by players when they start out their journey. Because of this, you can often run into other players, or you won’t find any loot around. If you do run into either of these issues, just move on and try another station down the road.

Outside of bunkers and police stations, you can also search for loot in other places like large landmarks, hunting camps, and even outposts—though there isn’t much to be found at outposts just yet. Still, though, having multiple places to look for some of the stronger loot can be good, and you should check out any important looking buildings you come across during your travels.

If you’re new to Scum, make sure you check out our Scum beginner tips, which will give you some helpful tidbits to help you survive your first few islands in the harsh and unforgiving world of Scum.


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