Where to Find Aquaman’s Trident in Fortnite

The Aquaman skin is finally available in Fortnite! Here's where to find is trident so that you can claim the skin.

The Fortnite Aquaman Week 5 challenge has arrived and it’s finally time to claim you Jason Momoa skin! To do so, players will need to track down Aquaman’s trident location, which will reward them with the skin, assuming you’ve completed the other four challenges in the previous weeks. As you probably expected, in this guide we are going to explain exactly where to find Aquaman’s trident in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Aquaman’s Trident Location

In spirit with the character, Aquaman’s trident location can be found on one of three rocks in the middle of the ocean. Unlike previous challenges, it seems that there are three different spots the trident can spawn, likely to prevent a bunch of players from landing at one tiny location. As you can see in the map below, the three rocks are located in the middle of the water just north of Sweaty Sands. Simply choose a rock to land on and look for the trident, if it’s not there, swim over to the other rocks, and eventually you’ll track it down. 

Now that you know where to find Aquaman’s trident, once you have it you can head back to the main menu to claim your Aquaman skin. Further, players will be able to unlock a shirtless variant of the skin by diving over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge. It seems that this will conclude the Aquaman challenges for Chapter 2: Season 3, at least for now anyway. Last season, once the Deadpool challenges wrapped up, he ended up taking over the Yacht, so we could see something similar with Aquaman, or this might just be the end of it. Time will tell.

When you’ve finished tracking down the Fortnite Aquaman’s trident location, you can start on the Chapter 2: Season 3 Week 5 challenges. They’re pretty standard challenges, although one will require you to use a Firefly Jar. If you need any help with that, be sure to check out our Firefly Jar guide. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward. The only other challenge that might hold you up is “Catch Floating Rings at Steamy Stack.” For this one, your best bet is to just hop into a stack and fly over to the ring locations over and over again. Good luck!

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Now that you know where to find Aquaman’s trident in Fortnite, what do you think of the skin? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page!

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