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Where Is Brewster In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

by Liana Ruppert

A lot of returning characters have made their way into the latest Nook adventure, but many are wondering where Brewster is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Though Nintendo hasn’t made an official announcement about Brewster’s return alongside his coffee shop, a few clever players have uncovered hints about his epic return. 

Where Is Brewster In Animal Crossing: New Horizons? 

For those that are familiar with the Animal Crossing timeline, Brewster and his love of coffee first made his appearance with Animal Crossing: Wild Word. Since then, he’s been in very game thus far except for New Horizons, but as seen with recent updates, more and more fan-favorites are making their way to our islands. 

Speculation on the internet kicked up about Brewster’s return when a dialogue option from Clay mentioned his overly attached love of coffee and drinks more than he probably should, a direct reference to Brewster’s coffee shop. Pair that with Millie’s “Imagine, you are at the Roose and no one is there. All you can do is get a drink with Brewster.” 

Twitter user ZachEvans97 also has an interesting thread that details the links between the missing shops and possible future updates: 

With the recent updates like the Bunny Day Event and Cherry Blossoms, it looks like Nintendo is still committed to regular updates despite COVID-19 disruptions. With fan-favorites already making their way to our islands, it stands to reason that the company will be keeping the interest of players through the slow and steady stream of returning familiar faces. 

While we don’t have any datamined goodness that usually accompanies speculation like this, there is enough canon in-game dialogue to support the theory that Brewster may be the next arrival to surprise and delight fans. As for the game itself, Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Need some help? Be sure to check out our game guide here for over 100 tips and tricks to make the island of your dreams! Not yet a part of the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons? You can pick up your very own copy using this Amazon link here and support Prima Games at the same time.

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