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How and When to Watch Honkai: Star Rail’s Next Livestream

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by Jordan Lemons

All too soon have you finished all Honkai: Star Rail has to offer, and Hoyoverse announces its next livestream for the game. We can expect to see a preview for the next chapter in the story, new character banners, and, most importantly, all of the events lined up to gift us with plenty of rewards.

When is the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Livestream?

Honkai: Star Rail’s next livestream “Galactic Roaming” will preview on May 26, 19:30 (UTC+8). This is a lot easier to figure out than “server time” so you can check your timezone converter to figure out what time this stream will show for you so you can take part. If the time conflicts with your sleep schedule, never fear. The stream or VOD will become available on the different streaming platforms that they premiere on, so you can always catch up on the video later in case you value your beauty sleep. 

Where to Watch the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Livestream

Like Hoyoverse’s other games, their streams will be available to watch on both YouTube and Twitch. Recently, they’ve gotten into the habit of streaming on both platforms for the flexibility of their fanbase, so you can rest assured that there will be a place for you to view the full livestream. After the stream, “Galactic Roaming” will still be available as a VOD on YouTube and will be available for a short time on Twitch, so in case you miss it, you can still see it on one of these two platforms depending on when you’re able to catch up!

What to Expect in Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.1 Livestream

Honkai: Star Rail has already previewed a stream before the game’s release, and in that one, discussed the many mechanics, characters, and events players would come to see. Trailblazers can expect to see much of the same thing when it comes to the 1.1 “Galactic Roaming” Livestream, which looks to be hosted by the voice actors/actresses of Silver Wolf, Yukong, and Luocha. 

The stream will likely discuss the next upcoming banners of these characters as well as preview some of their abilities while they are hosting. The most important thing after that is to discuss and look forward to the story continuing in the 1.1 updates. Our journey on the Luofu has left us with quite the cliffhanger, so I’m sure you’re eager to see where the story will take us next!

Lastly, these streams tend to also cover the events that will pop up in the duration of 1.1, so new games and events that are separate from the main story will reward us with Stellar Jades, Level-Up Materials, Credits, and much more!

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More details will come out once the stream is live, so be sure to follow our Honkai: Star Rail tag just below so that you aren’t missing out on any of the news once it’s public.

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