When Will the Workshop Be Available in CS2? – Answered

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When Will the Workshop Be Available in CS2
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Steam Workshop has been a staple for many games on Steam (not just the ones made by Valve), and the absence of Workshop functionality visible on the release day of CS2 felt uncanny to many players, who want answers on why this is the case. In this article, we will try to find out when the Workshop will return to CS2 and why it is gone in the first place.

Why Is There No Workshop in CS2?

This is a tough question to answer without going into speculations. Still, most players would agree that the game is not 100% completed since more other features didn’t make their way from CS:GO to CS2. Indeed, there is a Steam Workshop section for Counter-Strike 2 when you snoop around Steam. However, everything you see in there is merely remnants from the CS:GO era, and since all those maps (and other assets) were produced for a different engine, they are practically unusable within CS2. Indeed, there are some workarounds for you to convert and import old CS:GO maps locally, but more about that in another article. Steam Workshop will inevitably return to CS2 since this is one of the prime resources for developing new weapon skins, and we know how much case openings mean to Valve.

When Can We Expect the Steam Workshop to Come Back to CS2?

Unfortunately, Valve has not made any public statements regarding Workshop (or any other missing feature lost in transition). This means it is unknown when we can start producing and using Steam Workshop content for CS2. We will closely monitor the situation, and as soon as any news on the matter emerges, we will gladly update this article with fresh information. The best guess is that Valve currently prioritizes the functionality of the core game so that it can be tournament-viable. Patience is advised until then.

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