When Will the Dead by Daylight Movie Release – Answered

Watch the Entity devour hope in a theater near you

Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight has established a cult following. And while it spent many of those years as a niche game, it’s slowly built a dedicated following and is now seeing massive growth in all directions. And that includes movies. But when will Dead by Daylight’s movie release?

When Does the Dead by Daylight Movie Come Out?

In early March 2023, Dead by Daylight released a formal statement on its site announcing its partnership with Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. This partnership would bring Dead by Daylight’s world, crafted by the malevolent, hope-leeching Entity, to the big screen. But since then, news has been scarce.

In a press conference on May 23, I asked members of the Dead by Daylight team if there was a tentative release date for the movie. But the team remained secretive, stating that no new information about the movie was ready for release. That includes the characters that fans will see on the silver screen, the plot, and, of course, the release date.

It’s likely that we’ll learn more about the Dead by Daylight movie in 2024.

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Atomic Monster has brought major horror franchises like The Conjuring to the big screen. Blumhouse Productions has brought horror fans The Purge series and will release the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie later this year. While the games are very different, we’ll be able to see how Blumhouse handles a game-to-movie adaptation.

We may have a long time to wait, but there’s at least one way to get some of that Hollywood glitz. Nicolas Cage has brought some truly unhinged energy to the game and has dozens of ridiculous voice lines. Check them all out here: All of Nicolas Cage’s Voice Lines in Dead by Daylight.

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