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When Will Kullervo Release in Warframe? – Answered

Seems pretty edgy.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Kullervo

Besides major releases like the recent Duviri Paradox expansion, one of the most exciting updates that come to Warframe are the new frames to toy around with. Some of the more recent frame releases such as Citrine and Voruna have gone down as some great frames that are more than capable in higher tier content, even if not “meta”. The next frame looks quite exciting, though its release time is a mystery to many. Here’s when Kullervo will release in Warframe.

When Can We Play Kullervo in Warframe?

Kullervo is expected to release in the next mainline update, The 7 Crimes of Kullervo, which is expected to release in June of 2023. No exact date was given just yet, but Kullervo will be able to be earned through a new location in Duviri, appearing during three of the different moods. Participating in an activity within a new zone will give you the ability to get one of the parts for Kullervo, with several of those netting you the full frame. You’ll likely also need plenty of resources, all found across Duviri.

What is Known About Kullervo So Far?

Kullervo was first revealed with Devstream #170, announced to be part of a follow-up update for Duviri. His design very much invokes a mixed Duviri aesthetic, featuring headgear and armor similar to various characters in the new location. The knives in him also represent the torture the repeated loops would’ve put him through, with the frame now wielding these knives to his advantage. In total, 15 knives are impaling Kullervo.

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Gameplay details are even scarcer than the lore surrounding him. We aren’t sure of specifics surrounding each of his abilities, but we do know he’ll be a damage-oriented frame that uses the knives inside him against his foes. Presumably, he’ll be able to send forth and return these knives on command, though this is merely speculation. Once we have more information from Devstream #171, we’ll be sure to update this section.

We’ll also be hearing about the next Prime frame to come to Warframe. We don’t know who they’ll be yet, but Wisp Prime is looking very likely.

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