When to Complete Genshin Impact’s Ascension Quest 1?

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In Genshin Impact, there are quests where you essentially raise the difficulty for yourself. Why on earth would you do that to yourself, you might ask? As you are starting out, the world will automatically be set to World Difficulty 1. This limits the levels of the enemies and bosses throughout Teyvat by a certain threshold. 

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This can also prevent rarer items from being dropped and limit the number of drops that you can receive from Ley Lines and Bosses. Increasing the difficulty means gaining better access to materials to help players ascend and level up their characters. 

But the difficulty can be quite a struggle however if one goes into it unprepared. Not only can bosses go from being difficult to near impossible, requiring you to spend up to an hour to defeat them, but enemies can become more irksome for some of your lesser-built characters. We are here to help you find out the checkboxes you need to tack off before you tackle the Adventure Rank Ascension Quest. 

What are the Adventure Rank Ascension Quests in Genshin Impact?

If you are just starting off on your journey, you may not know or need to tackle the Ascension Quest for a while. These Quests are jobs from the Adventurer’s Guild to test your skills to make sure that you know your party is going to be able to handle the level of difficulty you will be setting your world to. 

Each time you enter the domain, you’ll be facing the same type of enemies and challenges, just at a level stat that is reflective of the precursor World Level you’ll be ascending to. If you can’t handle the enemies within this domain, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to handle the next world’s difficulty. 

The First Adventure Rank Ascension Quest is a Requirement, Not a Luxury

Genshin Impact holds the player’s hand for a long time for an open-world game. Okay, maybe it’s more like one of those monkey backpack leash things. Because while you are free to do as you like, occasionally you’ll still get bopped in the head with a random tutorial once you happen to run into the right circumstances. 

To get you used to regularly checking in with the Ascension Quests, the first one that you are introduced to is actually a requirement before you can progress the game. Until you level up the World, you will not be able to access more places around the maps. After the first one, the world opens up and is truly free to explore. 

Enemy List and Levels Within the Domain

The biggest hurdles of the domain can be broken down into five major chunks or four main areas. All enemies, whether you are coming across Hilichurls or the End Boss of the domain, are going to be Level 35, so it’s recommended that you tailor your characters around or even higher if you can to make it a far easier run for yourself.

Mitachurl and the Ruin Guard


  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)

  Main Room

  • Hilichurl Fighter (Lv. 35)
  • Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard (Lv. 35)
  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 35)
  • Ruin Guard (Lv. 35)

The One You Can Skip

(Seriously, why are you checking this list? You can fly right through it.)

  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 35)

The Guards in the Corridor

  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 35)
  • x2 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)

Time Challenge (You Must Defeat Them in 480 Seconds)

  • x4 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • x2 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • Fatui Pyro Agent (Lv. 35)

Clearing the Room

  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 35)
  • Cryo Abyss Mage (Lv. 35)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 35)

Final Boss

(But it’s not the final Boss, it’s just a random boss they pick that’s actually really easy to pick off if you plan your team ahead of time)

  • Electro Hypostasis (Lv. 35)

What Level Do You Need to Be and Who Should You Bring?

Each time you enter the domain, it’ll actually tell you the recommended level that your characters will need to be in order to trump the domain easily. It’ll also tell you the type of characters that are recommended with bringing in different Elemental Types. It’s likely that even once you get to adventure Rank 25, you’ll still have built the main party the most, and that’s going to be one of the best teams that are well-rounded enough to take into this domain. 

The level requirement of this domain is 35. All of your enemies that you’ll be coming across are going to be at this level. This doesn’t mean that you can’t try the domain at Level 30, but you’ll find you have a much easier time if you grind your characters up to 35 or higher.

The Elemental types you should bring should definitely include a Cryo and a Pyro since you’re going to run in the Abyss Mages, a Fatui Pyro Agent, and the Electro Hypostasis. It also helps when tearing down the Wooden Shield Hilichurls and Mitachurl. Having an Anemo like the Traveler will help to take advantage of Swirl with all the existing Elemental Types you’ll come across, or a Geo like Noelle who can protect you with a shield through most of the journey. One of the last important things is to bring an archer. Amber can be very helpful in stunning the Ruin Guard, distracting the enemy with a Baron Bunny, or shooting the Electro Hypostasis whenever it’s floating in the air attacking or too far from you. Her arrows also help to take out the Electro Hypostasis in the last leg where you’ll need to destroy its shards to damage its health, so it doesn’t regenerate and start the fight anew.

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It’s recommended to just take the OG team into your first Ascension Quest; they have all the components that you need, artifacts don’t really matter, so triggering Elemental Reactions are going to be less important, and it’s mostly just about taking out the enemies strategically in ways that will stun them or weaken them to make it an easier time for you.

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