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When to Complete Ascension Quest 3 For Genshin Impact?

The dangerous one, don't go in unless you're ready

by Jordan Lemons

The higher you ascend, the steeper the climb is. Genshin Impact holds no punches when it comes to increasing your world level and Ascension Quest 3 is where you need to buckle down with all of your know-how and pray to one of the Teyvat Archons for extra help. Here’s everything you need to know on when to complete Ascension Quest 3 in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact – What You Need to Know About Ascension Quest 3

“Okay, so maybe it is possible with all Level 60.” Screenshot by Prima Games

You can easily fandangle your way through the first few Ascension Quests, but once you start getting more formidable enemies, Genshin requires a bit more strategy than just battering Hilichurls as hard as you can. Going into this domain, your characters will need semi-proper builds and even better-built supports. 

Even the strongest DPS can be made stronger by taking advantage of the Support types available in Genshin Impact. Supports like Bennett, Xingqui, Yunjin, and more; knowing how these supports can boost your DPS can drastically change how you encounter enemies. Ruin Guards that previously needed an arrow to the Core may now be taken down by Hyperbloom contributed by a properly placed Collei, Barbara, and Lisa.

So before venturing into this Domain, make sure your team has a good Artifact set on hand with some decent stats to apply to their builds even down to the supports. And be sure to have devoted more than a few levels to their Talent Branches to add to their strength.

What Level Do You Need to Be and Who Should You Bring?

“Elemental Reactions are your Friends.” Screenshot by Prima

Enemies in the domain are going to be Level 80, so it’s wise to be five levels around that. At least in terms of your DPS. The domain is doable even with a Level 70 DPS, but closing the gap will increase your chances. Supports don’t generally need to be on the same level and I’ve gone into several a mistake—Ascension Quest with Level 60 and under Supports. 

Normally, it’s healers that are under-leveled, since Barbara does just fine at 60 as she would at 70, and that’s fewer mushrooms you have to scramble to find. Shields can also be low-level, as long as Noelle’s weapon is leveled, White Blind will provide enough Defense along with a good Artifact Set that boosts Defense. It doesn’t even need to be Five-Stars or her preferred set, there are plenty of four-star available sets that can suit your characters even if you don’t have the Gold-tier artifacts.

The domain will always recommend that you bring an Anemo, Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro when going in, and that’s mainly to prepare you for the Final Boss. The Electro Hypostasis awaits you at the very end of the challenge, but these are the main threats you should keep an eye on throughout the domain: Ruin Guard, Wooden-Shield Mitachurls, Fatui Pyro Agent, and the Abyss Mages.

Therefore, your priority should be to bring either Cryo or Pyro or both then build your team to power up those members. Ways you can do this is to bring supports like Hydro to create Freeze on enemies or to bring in double of those elements. Having two members in Cryo will increase Crit Rate if enemies are frozen and introducing two Pyro characters will increase Attack for the whole party. 

Domain Layout and Enemy Encounters

“Team Bonuses Based on Party Elemental Types.” Screenshot by Prima


  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)

Main Room

  • Hilichurl Fighter (Lv. 80)
  • Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard (Lv. 80)
  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 80)
  • Ruin Guard (Lv. 80)

Skippable Room

  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 80)

Corridor Guards and the Mitachurl

  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 80)
  • x2 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)

Time Challenge

  • x4 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • x2 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • Fatui Pyro Agent (Lv. 80)

Clearing the Room

  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 80)
  • Cryo Abyss Mage (Lv. 80)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 80)

Final Boss

  • Electro Hypostasis (Lv. 80)

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