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When to Complete Ascension Quest 2 For Genshin Impact

Screenshots taken from Quest 3, so don't freak out about the Level 80 enemies--

by Jordan Lemons

Welp, you’ve hit Adventure Rank 35 in Genshin Impact and now you’ve gained access to the next Ascension Quest. While the prizes of both Primogems and Wishes are tantalizing, to say the least, when is actually a good time to take on the Quest? Here, we’ll be looking at an overview of the Domain, what level you need to be, and what characters you need to bring so you can ace this challenge with ease. 

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What are Ascension Quests in Genshin Impact?

Ascension Quests are side missions that are not related to the story that allows you to increase your World Rank. Increasing your World Rank means that the bosses and enemies will get more difficult, but the rewards will be that much greater, a necessary means to an end when your characters are going to require rarer items in order to get stronger. 

What Level Do You Need to Be and Who Should You Bring?

“Note, that this is not those who are actually attending.”

Level caps aren’t present in Genshin for little reason; they are meant to help you gather an idea of what strength you need to be to tackle the enemies. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve gone into several Ascension Quest with severely under-leveled characters, but it’s manageable if you use the advantages the game gives you. For the first few Ascension Quests, however, it’s recommended to stick to that level cap as closely as possible. For Adventure Rank Ascension 2 Quest, it’s recommended you bring characters around the level cap of 60. 

That’s a high-stretch goal, especially when Ley Line flowers only give you about two to three Hero’s Wits. Sure, completing the main Storyline and doing some exploration helps, but in truth, you can do this Domain with Level 50 characters as long as you plan them right.

So who do you bring with you? There are several specific encounters that you need to plan for before you even enter the domain, you’re main opponents are going to be: The Ruin Guard, The Wooden Shieldwall Mitichurls, the Fatui Pyro Agent, and lastly, the Electro Hypostasis boss. For the boss alone, you will want a Pyro or Cryo character to help you deal better damage and eliminate the Crystals that can regenerate the Cube’s health if not properly defeated. A Pyro is also going to help you get a long way with the Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurls, so this element is necessary. 

“Excellent job, Sir Diluc.”

Bringing along a Cryo can help deal with the Fatui Pyro Agent and the boss, or if you don’t have a strong enough Pyro damage-dealer yet, you can opt to do Freeze to get the better of your enemies and take full advantage of their stasis. Combining a decent Hydro Applicator for the team can help you balance out not having a Pyro character or give you more options when going into the domain. The other recommended Elements that the Domain asks for is Anemo; Sucrose and the Traveler are valuable solely for their Swirl Damage which will help you deal more damage against enemies and help regulate crowds. 

Going into this domain, you’re going to need an Anemo Swirl crowd-controller, a strong Pyro and Cryo, Hydro for applying Elemental Reactions like Freeze, and lastly, a Bow-User. The Ruin Guard is the last on the list and is one tough enemy when you’re having to deal with a Mitachurl and Hilichurls on the side. Striking at its core will paralyze it, and if needed later, a unit like Amber will help either distract enemies with Baron Bunny or strike down the Electro Hypostasis Crystals once it’s low on health. 

Domain Layout and Enemy Encounters

The majority of the enemies can be broken down into a couple of main sections where the first is the room with the Ruin Guard, the second being… a room you can fly through and not even worry about, the third is the Timed Room, and the last room being the Abyss Mages and the Final Boss. There are a few junctions in between you need to look out for, but these rooms are going to be what puts your characters through the test.

Area One

The main threat of the first room is the Ruin Guard. Bringing a Bow User like Amber can help distract the Hilichurls and Mitachurl with Baron Bunny while taking out the Ruin Guard by hitting it in its core. This paralyzes the Ruin guard and stuns him into locking down, allowing you to unleash a combination of moves against your enemies.


  • Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)

Main Room

  • Hilichurl Fighter (Lv. 60)
  • Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard (Lv. 60)
  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 60)
  • Ruin Guard (Lv. 60)

The Second Area


This second room is a bit of a gloss over, mostly because you can easily just bypass all of it by flying straight through it. Sure, the Abyss Mages might try to follow you, and you have to dodge past the laser beams, but it’s relatively easy to dodge around both of them by entering the corridor. This is where you encounter the Shielded Mitachurl and where that Pyro Character comes in handy. You can also use a combination of Hydro and Cryo in order to Freeze the Mitachurl so you can attack it from behind once it’s frozen. Be careful of the other Hilichurl Shooters since if you have a Hydro Application on yourself, this can easily freeze or shock your characters. I’ve also had an easier time getting rid of the Hilichurl Shooters first before focusing on the Mitachurl.

Skippable Room

  • Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 60)

Corridor Guards and the Mitachurl

  • Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl (Lv. 60)
  • x2 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)

The Third Area

After defeating the enemies outside in the corridor, the challenge that waits in the room is a Time Challenge. You’ll face off against multiple Hilichurl Shooters and a Fatui Pyro Agent. This is where crowd control comes in handy, along with Freezing your enemies. They are all separated in different corners of the room, so as long as you choose a corner, eventually, the other enemies will gather closer to where you can attack them altogether.

“Case and point.”

Time Challenge

  • x4 Electro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • x2 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • Fatui Pyro Agent (Lv. 60)

The Last Area

Before you can begin challenging the boss, you have to clear out the room first. You’ll encounter Abyss Mages and a few Hilichurls. Using an Anemo to crowd control, especially a character like Sucrose will allow you to affect the two Abyss Mages off of each other. The biggest issue is the Hydro Abyss Mage since the other Cryo Applicators will freeze you, given the chance. Using Anemo to swirl Cryo onto them to deteriorate their shield will help make easier pickings of everyone else once you use your Pyro character. Then it’s as simple as taking on the boss.

“Gotta get those Prisms.”

The Electro Hypostasis is the boss of choice when testing your mettle against what other bosses will be once you upgrade your World Level. The boss is very straightforward; attack whenever it enters rest mode and lowers the cubes around its core. Once low enough, it’ll spawn three spare Crystals to regenerate its health, and if given enough time, the boss battle will continue based on how many Crystals remain on the field. Once they are all gone, the boss will be defeated, and you have won the domain. 

Clearing the Room

  • x2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooter (Lv. 60)
  • Cryo Abyss Mage (Lv. 60)
  • Hydro Abyss Mage (Lv. 60)

Final Boss

  • Electro Hypostasis (Lv. 60)

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