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When is the Next Valorant Night Market? (February 2023) – Answered

Time for some sweet sales.

by Shawn Robinson

Valorant has few events that are consistent across the board. The biggest thing we have is the timing for new episodes and acts, which tend to be about the same amount of months apart. Another fan-favorite event is the Valorant Night Market, which helps those with a little extra cash in their wallets. The exact timing of these can be a little confusing though. Here’s when the next Night Market is in Valorant.

When Does the Next Valorant Night Market Start?

The Valorant Night Market is an idea borrowed from League of Legends’ Your Shop, letting players buy skins at a steep discount. You’re offered six random skins, all having their prices slashed in one way or another. You’ll then have around two weeks to buy whichever skins you think are worth the discounted price. After that, they’ll be gone for good.

This can be lucrative for people who love skins, though the timing can be confusing. Rest assured, the next Valorant Night Market will begin on February 15, going until February 27 before it goes away. These Night Markets typically happen about once an act, at some point in the latter half of the act. As such, these dates seemingly follow that pattern. Riot hasn’t said much about if anything is changing this time, so you can expect this will be similar to previous seasons.

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While the randomness of these Night Market events means you’re likely to not get the skins you want, having that chance (not to mention on a deep sale) to get that one weapon you’ve been on the fence about is a nice prospect. Even if it won’t affect much, we hope your Night Market has a few skins you’ve been dying for. Personally, we’ll be looking for that sweet RGX Vandal. Something about its dark version combined with the changeable neon is so clean.

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