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When is the Next Full Moon in Pokemon GO? (May 2023)

Showing up once per month is the best it can do

by Patrick Souza
Pokemon Go Full Moon Schedule

A full moon is a special event in Pokemon Go introduced to make moon-related evolutions possible in the mobile version of the Pokemon world. There are not many Pokemon that can currently make use of it, but it doesn’t make it less important in any way. Full moons will happen once per month, and here you’ll find their schedules in the game, which are supposed to be scheduled with our real-life full moon schedule.

When is the Next Full Moon in Pokemon Go? (May 2023)

The next full moon is expected to be happening on May 5th in Pokemon Go. The last full moon happened on April 6th, and the subsequent month’s full moon should be up in the skies on June 4th.

The schedule is supposedly synced with our real-time full moon occurrences, but it might not always be 100% accurate, as many players have previously reported. Whenever you see a full moon coming around, be sure to check your game a few days prior and after to avoid missing out on it completely.

Alternatively, a full moon might happen on special occasions in the game where its occurrence might be fitting to current events.

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What Does the Full Moon Do in Pokemon Go?

Full moons will allow Ursaring to evolve into Ursaluna, and there are currently no other methods to do so in the game. So if you’re thinking about getting Teddiursa’s final form, watch out, as you’ll only have a single chance to do so every month since full moons won’t appear for around 29 – 30 days after they’ve shown up.

However, it’s important to notice that during special occasions such as a Teddiursa Community Day, full moons might show up at odd times to allow trainers to evolve their recently captured Ursarings into Ursalunas.

There are currently no other Pokemon that require the same evolution methods, but it wouldn’t be strange to see new Pokemon eventually making use of the same methods in the future.

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