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Genshin Impact 4.0 Livestream Date

Travelers will start their journey to Fontaine in less than two weeks! The Genshin Impact 3.8 version is almost over, which means that we’ll soon get a big glimpse of what’s to come soon in their Special Livestream for Fontaine. Since this is the biggest patch we’ll have in a long time, it’s expected that this stream will be longer than usual, so you better get some popcorn ready soon. The Genshin Impact 4.0 stream’s happening earlier than you expect, and here’s when you can watch it.

When Is The Genshin Impact Fontaine Stream Happening?

The Special Program Livestream will be held on August 5, Friday, at 8:30 AM (UTC-4), showcasing the contents of 4.0 version “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason”, which include a brand new region, enemies, puzzles, story portions and, more importantly, new characters. The full patch is expected to hit live servers on August 15, with pre-download available a few days prior.

You can watch it through either the Genshin Impact official Twitch channel or through the Youtube channel, whichever you prefer. As per tradition, temporary Primogem codes will be distributed during the stream, so claim them as soon as you can. These will likely expire within 24hrs after they’re released, and we’ll be sure to inform them.

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We’ll be likely getting two new 4-stars (Lynette and Freminet) distributed through the update’s banners, as was the case in the previous region’s debuts. In the same fashion, we can expect the new Fontaine 5-star (Lyney) in the first half with a rerun happening during the second one.

And let’s not forget about the upcoming Hydro Traveler. Its Dendro version was surprisingly powerful, so let’s hope the trend continues for the newfound water powers.

The full trailer, stream, and highlights will be made available at a later date through the game’s official Youtube channel, so don’t worry about missing the stream. There’s a lot to expect in Fontaine, including various important changes to Artifacts and systems, so this could be a great chance to come back to the game if you’ve been taking a break for a while.

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