When is Skull and Bones Coming Out - Answered

When is Skull and Bones Coming Out? – Answered

Development hell, also known as development purgatory or development limbo

To set the tone for this article, let’s just say that in our Prima Games news archive, we have delay announcements regarding this game from as far back as the year 2018. Originally announced at E3 2017 and seemingly forever in a state of constant development hell, Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones has been delayed more than a couple of times – but what is the current status of the game? Do we know the release date?

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When is Skull and Bones Coming Out?

Although during 2022 it seemed that Skull and Bones would actually be coming out soon, as we got a couple new gameplay trailers, the delays in 2023 still continued.

As of January 20, 2023, pre-orders for Skull and Bones have been automatically canceled and refunded on the PlayStation Store. To make matters worse, even users who preordered the most expensive $100 Deluxe Edition confirmed that this refund happened automatically without any announcement or email from Ubisoft. The previously planned release date of March 9, 2023 is no longer listed on the PS Store, and it is no longer possible to preorder the game on Sony’s storefront.

Although on Ubisoft’s website, you can still click on pre-order and select the PlayStation version of the game, the website will just transfer you to the PS Store where the game has “Announced” status now, and you can only add it to the Wishlist. The situation in other stores is apparently different at the moment, as it seems that the pre-order can still be completed on the Epic Game Store and Microsoft’s Xbox store, but there is a good chance that refunds are happening there as well.

The new release date of the game has not been confirmed for now, and on Ubisoft’s website only “Spring 2023” is mentioned, while the rumors mention early 2023/2024, so there is that.

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