When is Minecraft Live 2022? – Answered

Hype train is real!

Minecraft Live (which used to be called Minecon Live, Minecraft Festival, Minecraft Earth, Minecon, etc.) is an event that took place in 2021, and Minecraft fans worldwide are looking forward to the 2022 announcement.

Almost two-thirds of the year 2022 has passed, but we still have no official information about what has been planned for the event. However, there are some rumors going around, and some potential hints from Minecraft officials. So, when exactly is Minecraft Live 2022?

When will Minecraft Live 2022 be Held?

If we are going by the previous Minecraft Live in 2021, we should expect it around September-October.

Minecraft’s official YouTube channel has announced that there will be a “Minecraft Now” live stream on August 25. The community has great expectations that the official Minecraft Live 2022 date will be announced during this very live stream. Make sure to tune in to the stream linked above at 12:00 ET / 9:00 PT / 18:00 CET to be potentially one of the first to know about Minecraft Live 2022.

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Minecraft’s Official Minecraft Live page also has nothing on the 2022 edition of the festival and just has information for last year’s one.

We are expecting the Minecraft 1.20 release really soon which should (reportedly) bring major changes to the game. Rumors are that the 1.20 release would be the perfect time to announce such a big event for the Minecraft community.

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Whatever Mojang and Microsoft have planned for Minecraft Live 2022 (some people even claim that it’s going to be an online event where players will be able to democratically vote on what new content they want to see like monsters and biomes), we are sure that players worldwide will have a blast, whether it’s going to be a physical, real-life event that will be live-streamed to the audience worldwide that cannot attend in-person, or if it’s going to be an online-only event.

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