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Dagath and her Spectral Horses in Warframe
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While Warframe is well on its way to having full parity between all platforms, one major step still needs to be taken. Here’s when cross-platform save is coming to Warframe.

When Will Warframe Have Cross-Platform Saves?

Digital Extremes has said it plans to release cross-platform saves for Warframe before the end of 2023. This was revealed during TennoCon 2023, which took place back in August. Since then, the game has received several cross-platform features such as cross-platform friends and clans. While the team has yet to reveal the exact date, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it included with the next content update at this rate.

As for what still needs to be done before cross-platform saves are introduced, there’s the issue of the Market and TennoGen. The Market has a few different features across platforms, so the team still needs to get those unified first. TennoGen is also exclusive to PC through Steam, letting you purchase certain player-made cosmetics. How that will work across platforms is a bit up in the air at the time of writing.

How Will Cross-Platform Saves Work?

Cross-platform saves will likely work similarly to the way it works in other games. Out of all the accounts you have on all platforms, you’ll likely be able to select one and play on all platforms using that progress and whatever gear you have. However, that doesn’t account for what will happen to any Plat you have on the accounts you don’t select. There’s a good chance the Plat will be applied to your new main save, but the details are scarce at the moment. Once we have more details, I’ll update this post with relevant information.

If you’re looking for more help with cross-platform details, check out our guide on cross-platform trading in Warframe.

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