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When is Borderlands 3 Coming to Steam?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying Borderlands 3 but you have some mates who are reticent about picking up the title on PC as its an Epic exclusive, well, we’ve got some good news. Gearbox’s latest hit is going to be making its way to other storefronts soon, but if you’re particularly concerned with when Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam, then we’ve got you covered. 

When is Borderlands 3 Coming to Steam?

Borderlands has been out on various platforms including the Xbox and the PlayStation 4 since September this year. It’s also been available on PC, but as an Epic Store exclusive. This means that if you’re not picking it up from EGS direct, you’ve likely had to shell out for it on one of the other two consoles. 

However, this won’t always be the case. As reported by Kotaku earlier in the year, Borderlands 3 was only supposed to be coasting along on the Epic Store for a six-month period. This means that if we’re counting up from the release date, anyone else looking to use the Steam store or another PC store to purchase a copy of the game for that platform should be able to do so when April 2020 rolls around. There hasn’t been an update on this release of the platform exclusivity since April this year from Gearbox’s side, but there’s not been any real reason to think that they won’t be running to schedule with this so we’re relatively sure at this stage that the first quarter of next year should see Borderlands 3 comfy on the Steam store. 

With all the outcry around Borderlands 3 being an Epic Store exclusive, we’re expecting a decent uptake in the numbers around those picking up the title when it comes to Valve’s store – arguably the longest-standing and most popular PC storefront active right now. Now that you know when Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam, you can add a little bookmark in your calendars to remind your ornery mates who haven’t yet experienced Vault Hunting joy to pick it up. Need a hand with anything else on Pandora?

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