When is ARK: Survival Ascended Coming to Consoles? Answered

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Ark Survival Ascended Console Release Featured

With a possible earlier-than-expected release for PC, it could take a bit longer before ARK: Survival Ascended is available for everyone playing on consoles too. But how much longer are we talking about here?

When Is ARK: Survival Ascended Being Released on Consoles?

While it has no definitive set date, we know that Survival Ascended will be available for consoles no later than November. The info comes directly from the ARK: Survival Ascended Launch Trailer description on the official YouTube channel. Said description also links to the Microsoft and Sony game pages, but none has an exact release date yet.

The game is seemingly being released later for PCs today (October 25th) in Early Access mode, as it should also be the case for the console release. There were no official statements for why the console versions will take longer, but the game will most likely still be on Early Access when it finally hits them.

This is supported by Studio Wildcard’s developer comments on ASA’s Steam Page, where they claim that the game should be in Early Access state until the end of 2024. This is similar to how Survival Evolved was first released back in 2015 before having its full launch in 2017.

Said comments also mention the good relationship the team developer with their community during the first ARK title EA period by managing to collect feedback and gradually improve the game with it. The game is also being worked on Unreal Engine 5, which is still relatively recent and hasn’t been completely figured out by devs. Having some extra time (and feedback) to tweak a few things is always welcome for those cases.

More info about the game’s roadmap and a definitive console release date should be revealed soon, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as they’re out.

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