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When is AI Coming to Discord? – Answered

AI reaching out to yet another popular app

by Patrick Souza
Discord AI

Like it or not, one of the easiest ways of bringing the kids to the yard these days is to talk about anything AI. People will jump out of their windows to say how they hate it and how it’s constantly stealing from real artists, while others will come to defend it and label it as the “next biggest industrial revolution” (just like they did with NFTs or the metaverse not so long ago). 

My point is that AI generates engagement, be it in a positive or negative way, and companies are starting to catch up to it. The newest one willing to test the waters with it is none other than Discord, which will be implementing its own AI-related stuff in the next few days.

When is AI Coming to Discord? – Answered

Starting from their announcement on March 9, many AI options are already available through Discord with many more to come in the next few weeks or months. Quoting them directly, here are the newest features:

  • Three really cool AI experiences we’re launching as free public experiments in a limited number of servers: Clyde, AutoMod AI, and Conversation Summaries
  • Two sneak previews of future AI explorations we’re excited about: Avatar Remix and a whiteboard with AI prototype
  • News about a new Discord AI Incubator to help fund innovative AI startups

AutoMod AI and Avatar Remix are already live for testing in a few servers, with Conversation Summaries and Clyde tests starting from March 13 onward. More info can be found in the post itself, detailing which functions each of these features will be able to do.

The most important detail might be their announcement of their Discord AI Incubator which already has a “$5 million commitment”, meaning that they’re really diving deep into that.

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Discord and AI aren’t that distant from each other, to be honest. Bots are different from AI in nature as they don’t learn from the inputs they’re fed, but that doesn’t mean they cannot utilize them for their many functionalities and features. In fact, they’ve been doing that for a while by now, but native AI-related functions are now a reality in the gaming app. 

Is AI fated to become another of those seasonal hypes that promise to be the new future only to shamefully fall into oblivion a couple of months later? We’ve seen a lot of these in recent times, but AI technology has the potential to become something people will actually use. ChatGPT’s sudden rise in popularity is a testament to that. We might as well just wait to see how things will be turning out.

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