When Does THE FINALS Open Beta End? Answered

When is the final day for The Finals's open beta?

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The Finals open beta has only just begun, but when will it end? Below, you’ll find The Finals open beta end date, and potential end times.

When does The Finals Open Beta End?

The Finals open beta will end on November 5, 2023. This means the open beta lasts 10 days, starting on October 26, 2023.

The exact time that the open beta will end is uncertain. If it ends at the same time it began, it will end at 3 a.m. PT worldwide. It’s important to note that Daylight Savings Time ends on November 5, so even if The Finals open beta closes at the same time it began, it may end one hour earlier for players in Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Central Time, and Eastern Time zones.

When does The Finals Open Beta End for Different Timezones?

Although there’s no confirmation that The Finals open beta will end at 3 a.m. PT on November 5, it’s currently a safe guess to prepare for. The following table shows the different simultaneous times The Finals open beta may end if it does end at 3 a.m. PT on November 5.

TimezoneTime The Finals Open Beta May End (on November 5)
Pacific Time (PT)3 a.m.*
Mountain Time (MT)4 a.m.*
Central Time (CT)5 a.m.*
Eastern Time (ET)6 a.m.*
Brasília Time (BRT)7 a.m.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)10 a.m.
Central European Time (CET)11 a.m.
Eastern European Time (EET)12 a.m.
Moscow Standard Time (MSK)1:00 p.m.
Indian Standard Time (IST)3:30 p.m.
China Standard Time (CST)6:00 p.m.
Australian Western Time (AWT)6:00 p.m.
Japan Standard Time7:00 p.m.
Australian Central Time (ACT)7:30 p.m.
Australian Eastern Time (AET)8 p.m.
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)10 p.m.
* These times may be an hour earlier if The Finals’s open beta period accounts for Daylight Savings Time ending.

If you’re already taking part in The Finals’s open beta, keep an eye out for our guides on The Finals.

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