When Does Stripe Come to MultiVersus? – Answered

He wants yum-yum and he'll kill you for it

Update: Stripe comes out today! This time around MultiVersus’ official channels didn’t announce anything until the night before. So as of October 12, 2022, Stripe is to land in the game’s roster for 2,000 Gold (or other premium currencies) after the update. MultiVersus updates tend to roll out around 1PM ET, so keep an eye out!

Ever since MultiVersus launched its first official game season, we’ve known the Gremlins universe was a part of the deal. We ended up seeing Gizmo come to the roster first, but the confirmation came with an image of Stripe on MultiVersus’ updated title screen art. So while we have the classic movie’s iconic hero, when does the antagonist drop? Here’s what we know about when Stripe comes to MultiVersus.

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Until recently, we had no idea when Stripe was supposed to come out, beyond the vague Season One time period (which lasts all the way into November 2022). But overnight on October 6, 2022, we got a new hint. One I didn’t see until the following morning of course. It was worth it though; Tony Huynh got to feed this critter after midnight! There’s no date just yet, but in a similar fashion to when Gizmo was rolled out, we got a hint in the form of a fun teaser:

If you’re familiar with the original Gremlins movie, you know what you’re looking at here. It’s not a direct recreation of the film, but it’s definitely a callback to the movie theater scene during which several of the evil “Gremlins” tore through a projection screen. That’s what it reminds me of, anyway. I just watched Gremlins again like a week ago! It’s an excellent movie, so even though I don’t exactly think of it super often, seeing Gizmo and Stripe show up for MultiVersus has been exciting. More so than a gaggle of overexposed superheroes and the pickle meme guys.

Stripe next week! Hopefully, we don’t get another date-plus-delay combo again.

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