When Does Ranked Play Release in MW3? – Answered

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Ranked Play MW3
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Ranked Play is always an anticipated addition to a fresh Call of Duty release, and we may get it earlier than usual in Modern Warfare 3. In this guide, I’ll cover when you can expect the competitive mode to be released and what it could entail.

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When Does Ranked Play Come Out in MW3

Ranked Play will be released in January of 2024 near the Season 1 Reloaded update of Modern Warfare 3. The competitive mode was already confirmed for Season 1, which goes live on December 6, but we know Ranked won’t be available right away. Based on the latest blog post from Activision, the mode will have an “in-season” release.

Any time new content is given the “in-season” tag, it typically means players can expect it in the mid-season reloaded update. Because seasons run for about 60 days in Call of Duty, we can assume the Season 1 Reloaded will go live around January 6, 2024. Of course, there could be a slight delay. but that date is a good baseline.

Once the Ranked Play mode releases for Multiplayer in MW3, everyone will have fresh ranks that shouldn’t be determined by last year’s progress. Even though the progress will reset, the format of Ranked should be around the same. MW2 had a fantastic Ranked Play system at its core and would easily transfer over.

As for Warzone Ranked Play, there is no official date just yet. Considering the Battle Royale is releasing on the same day as Season 1, there needs to be a buffer between launch and competitive modes. Expect to see one around Season 2 Reloaded if the timelines are the same.

Before heading into Ranked Play, you’ll want a meta MCW loadout to keep you ahead.

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