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When Does Monster Hunter World Come Out?

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter World is almost here, and as we gear up to welcome the latest chapter of the beloved series, players are still wondering when Monster Hunter World releases, and when they’ll be able to dive into the living, breathing world that Capcom has created. Today we’ll go over everything you need to know about when Monster Hunter World releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even PC.

When Does Monster Hunter World Come Out?

Currently Monster Hunter World is set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on January 26, just a few short weeks from now. We’ve already seen two betas for the game on the PlayStation 4, and both have given fans a great taste of what they can expect from the latest chapter of the series. Of course, one of the biggest questions still weighing on people’s minds is ‘when will the PC version release’.

Unfortunately, there’s no real news on the PC release of Monster Hunter World, but that doesn’t mean PC players should give up just yet. Capcom have already made it clear that the PC version is in the works, they’re just working to make sure it’s up to snuff with the other editions available. Until official news is released we’ll simply have to wait until Capcom releases more info on the PC version of the game.

Monster Hunter World Preorder Bonuses

Excited about Monster Hunter World but not sure what all you’ll get if you preorder the game? Don’t sweat it. Here’s all the details you need to know.

Players who preorder Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will receive the Origin Set Armor, which comes with the head, chest, arms, waist, and legs. It’s a must-have for long-time fans of the series, and will offer more than enough defense to carry players through the early quests of the game, as well as offer some additional skills that will make gathering easier.

Preordering will also grant you the Fair Wind Charm, which increases your attack power and adds a change to reduce incoming damage that you take from any enemy within the game. It also has quite a nice visual impact on your character, and adds a glowing effect to your left arm.

Players who purchase Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4 before the game’s release date will also receive a special visual theme for the PlayStation 4 home screen, allowing them to show off their love for the series even when they aren’t in the game itself.

Now that you know when Monster Hunter World will release, and what the game has to offer if you preorder, be sure to head over and check out our guide on all fourteen weapon types in Monster Hunter World.

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