When Does Haunted By Daylight Start In DBD? – Answered

Get ready for the scariest event in all of gaming history.

Survivors beware, you’re in for a scare as Haunted by Daylight returns into the world before you and makes every trail even more spooky than ever before. As you prepare your favorite Halloween costume and get ready to fight for your literal life, you may be wondering how long you have until the ultimate Halloween celebration comes your way. Don’t fret, as we’ve got all of the information you could need, as well as what you can look forward to during the Haunted by Daylight celebration.

When Can We Play Haunted by Daylight in DBD?

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If you’re eager to get into the festivities, you won’t need to wait much longer. Starting October 18 at 1:00pm EST, fans will get the perfect opportunity to jump into this eerie world until the event ends on November 6, 2023. While entranced by the sights and sounds, players will need to keep their eyes and ears peeled for more haunted variations of their favorite killers, all while doing everything in their power to survive.

You can look forward to the following additions when Haunted by Daylight comes back to the game:

  • Dark Trinkets event currency
  • New Lobby and Music
  • Mystery Box in the Bloodweb
  • New Offerings (Dousing Rod, Themed Med-Kit, Flashlight, Add-Ons)
  • Pumpkins spread throughout the maps

As we learned during the Dead by Daylight Anniversary event, these add-ons can be game changers, as they will take over the standard use of your equipment and give you special perks that can be activated during this event to ensure that you’re in the full spirit of the season.

Alongside these special event items, Blighted Survivor and Killer skins can also be purchased from the shop, with the Xenomorph, Sadako, and Yoichi Asakawa getting new skins to celebrate the season. You can see all of their in-game models below.

Alongside these options, new Tomes will also be unlocked, giving players the chance to earn some exclusive outfits for Meg Thomas (Survivor) and The Knight (Killer), giving them a complete Halloween makeover that will haunt you long after the event has concluded.

There are even more secrets to be revealed in the coming days, including a special Naughty Bear (remember that game?) skin for The Trapper, and even more cosmetics that await us in the shop. Be prepared and ready for anything that these Killers and Survivors can throw your way before this even goes live.

No matter if you’re nearly a Pro at Dead by Daylight, or someone just starting their career, be sure to check out our DBD section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful guides and information that can help keep you alive longer than ever. No matter if you’re on the search for the quietest survivors or the easiest Killers to use when you’re first starting, we’ve got you covered.

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