When Do Fortnite Players Get the Apple Skin?

How players can earn the Apple Skin, aka the Tart Tycoon Outfit, and what we currently know about the time the Apple Skin will be given out to #FreeFortnite Cup participants in Fortnite.

Participants of the Sunday, August 23 #FreeFortnite Cup have been left wondering when they’ll be rewarded with the exclusive Apple Skin, aka the Tart Tycoon Outfit, in Fortnite.

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For those who are unfamiliar with the Apple Skin, the #FreeFortnite Cup as a whole, or those concerned about not receiving rewards like the Tart Tycoon Outfit in Fortnite, we’ve got a quick overview that’ll get you all caught up.

When Do Fortnite Players Get the Apple Skin

The first question Fortnite players might have is how to get the Apple Skin (Tart Tycoon Outfit) that everyone’s been talking about.

Unfortunately, the only way to get the Apple Skin is by earning 10 points or more in the #FreeFortnite Cup which ended on August 23. 

There were a number of ways to earn the requisite 10 points, with the official point requirements detailed by Epic Games in a recent blog post

“Navigate to the in-game Compete tab to see when the event starts for your region and during the scheduled time, you can drop in to the tournament by selecting the #FreeFortnite Cup Playlist.

For four hours, eligible players have the opportunity to win prizes in the #FreeFortnite Cup. Compete as a Solo player in up to 12 matches. Scoring is as follows:

  • Active Time: 1 point for every 3 minutes on the BR island.
  • Eliminations: 1 point per Elim.
  • Victory Royale: 10 points for each Victory Royale.”

With the #FreeFortnite Cup over and done with, Fortnite players who earned 10 points or more have found themselves curious as to when they’ll receive the in-game Apple Skin (Tart Tycoon Outfit).

In the official rules for the #FreeFortnite Cup, the time period of prize delivery for the Tart Tycoon Outfit is briefly mentioned. 

“’Tart Tycoon’ in-game Cosmetic Outfit will be granted directly to the applicable Winning Player’s Epic account within 3 weeks of completion of the Event, or such other time as reasonably required by Epic for such grant.  Additional terms and conditions may apply to acceptance and use of a prize.”

As Epic notes, Fortnite players who earned the Apple Skin (Tart Tycoon Outfit) will receive their prize within 3 weeks of completion of the Event, August 23.

We could see the Apple Skin added anytime between now and mid-September. The same goes for any physical prizes won during the #FreeFortnite Cup like the #FreeFortnite adjustable hat.

Players who won physical prizes should reportedly expect a confirmation email from Epic anytime between now and the next 14 days according to the rules page. The email will contain more information in regards to when your physical prizes will be shipped out to you. 

Epic specifies that you’ll receive this email at the address connected to your Fortnite account. 

“… will be notified by Epic of their status as a potential Winning Player at the email address associated with such players’ Epic account within 14 days of completion of the Event.”

Again, Fortnite players who earned 10 points or more during the #FreeFortnite Cup on August 23 can expect to receive their Apple Skin (Tart Tycoon Outfit) anytime between now and 3 weeks from now. 

Epic will also be reaching out to notify potential Winning Players of their status and the shipping of physical prizes by email anytime between now and the next 14 days. 

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Now that you know when Fortnite players will receive the Apple Skin, aka the Tart Tycoon Outfit, we have a few other Fortnite features and guides we recommend checking out, including:

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