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What’s New in EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode?

The Ballon d'Or can be yours now in EA Sports FC 24!

EA has been taking us through all the upgrades, improvements, and groundbreaking gameplay since the official reveal of EA Sports FC 24. Most recently, fans and players got to enjoy what’s coming in Career Mode, one of the most played game modes in EA Sports FC’s history. In this guide, I’ll be going through what’s new in Career Mode for both the Manager Career and Player Career Modes. Stay tuned. 

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EA Sports FC 24: What’s New in Career Mode?

There have been loads of new features added to the game. In FC 24’s Career Mode, EA has upped the ante in Manager Career and Player Career. Let’s start with all the new features added to Manager Mode. 

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Manager Career Mode in FC 24

In Manager Career Mode, players will have more control over what style of football they play. If you want to sit back and park the bus, players will be able to do so and use the players in the squad to best translate their tactics on the pitch. If players want to play more football based on Barcelona’s Tiki-taka style of play, they will be able to develop these game styles and tactics within their squads.

Managers in Career Mode (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Coaches Being Added to the Game

Thanks to these tactical upgrades in EA Sports FC 24, EA has introduced training coaches to the game so that they can help your team learn the style of play and new Play Styles. They made it clear that coaches will have a massive influence on how your team performs, how well players develop, and how quickly they learn your game plan. 

These coaches will be split into different areas on the pitch. So you’ll have a Goalkeeper coach, a defensive coach, an attacking coach, etc. in the game to help you develop your squad. The more coaches you have, the better. The higher your coach’s rating in the game, the better the development of the players in the squad. 

Between Game Trainings: Preparations For the Next Game

EA will be introducing three new features to game preparations in FC 24. They are: 

  • Training Plans
  • Pre-Match Reports
  • Match Ready Training
Training Plans Before Game in FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

The training plans help keep your players fresh and help you, as a manager, decide who needs an extra boost, who should play, and who should not. Pre-match reports are another game-changer for FC 24. These reports will help you understand your opponents, decide on your game plan and tactics, and more, giving you an advantage before taking the field. 

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You’ll now be able to decide if you want to sit back against a team like Manchester City and hit them on the counter. Or go into a game with a game plan to keep possession of the ball. Match Ready Training aids with Play Styles. Before going into a match, you can teach a specific set of players a Play Style. After completing Match Ready Trainings, the players doing the training before the important clash will learn the Play Style and have it ready for the next game.

New Camera Views in EA Sports FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Spectator Mode

After listening to the community’s many requests, EA has introduced Spectator Mode. Players who are playing Manager Mode will be able to spectate the game from the stands or follow a single player on the pitch as if they were in a stadium watching a live match. You can even watch the match from the manager’s box now.

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Player Career Mode in FC 24

In Player Career Mode, EA has added a new feature: Player Agents. Let’s dive into this new feature and others in Player Career Mode. 

New Player Agents in EA Sports FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Player Agents in Career Mode

Player Agents are important to the success of a player in real life, which will be the case in EA Sports FC. Your agent will be by your side every step of the way.

You will choose a career path and select teams you would like to play for along your journey to becoming a world-class footballer and your agent will guide you through these steps while on your journey with you. 

Your agent will set different milestones. These milestones will depend on the position chosen to play on the pitch. If you meet these goals, teams on your wishlist will start taking notice of you. 

Choosing Play Styles for Your Player 

Because everything in EA Sports FC revolves around Play Styles, players will now be able to select Play Styles based on their made-up pro’s personality. The higher you climb up the personality ladder, the more Play Styles you can unlock for your player, upgrading them from Play Styles to Play Styles+ players. 

Ballon d’Or Now in FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

New Animations Off the Field

There are plenty of new cutscenes that will be included in the new football game. It’s not only about what goes on the pitch but also what goes on after the 90 minutes are done. EA has added celebration scenes like trophy parades as well as the prestigious awards night where the world’s Ballon d’Or is chosen.

There are quite a lot of new features to take in, but honestly, I’m too excited and can hardly wait for the release of EA’s new football title. With each new video, I must admit, it’s getting harder to endure the wait. For more EA Sports FC 24 content, you can read: EA’s Sports FC 24 Trinity of Technology Explained

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