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What’s NBA All-World? – Answered


by Ashley Anthony
NBA All-World | New Free-to-Player game

Niantic, Inc, Hyp Games, NBA, and NBPA have teamed up to bring us an all-new interactive basketball game. The new game, set to change how we play and link with friends, opponents, and even pro ballers, was released on January 24, 2023. It’s an officially licensed geolocation basketball game.

All you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection, and time to explore the world or your area. The experience gained with this basketball game sets it apart from the rest and makes it one of the dopest mobile MBA titles.

NBA All-World Gameplay
(Screenshot: NBA All-World)

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“NBA All-World is live and available worldwide! This launch represents years of passionate work across Niantic and our developer partner Hyp Games, in collaboration with the NBA and NBPA.

“We set out to create an experience that’s different from all other basketball games – an officially licensed geolocation basketball game where you encounter, challenge, and compete against today’s NBA ballers, find hot Gear to collect and customize your players, and connect with other hoop fans.”

via: nbaallworld.com

So if you want to learn more about NBA All-World, keep reading.

What’s NBA All-World?

NBA All-World is a new mobile game for players who share the same passion for hooping. The game allows you to find like-minded players and pro ballers close by in the same region and play them in different challenges to up your ranking and gain rep on the street.

Once your rep starts rising and you beat your opponents, you can start adding more players and some of the GOATS of the game to your roster. You do all the trash talk on the court and let your skills do all the talking.

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NBA All World | Sneaker Items
(Screenshot: NBA All-World)

Some Game Modes and Features

  • Explore with the in-game map, 
  • Encounter NBA Stars,
  • Rule the court,
  • Compete in tournaments,
  • Collect Gear,
  • Collect Money, 
  • Three-point shooting contest,
  • Daily warm-ups
  • Shooting drills
  • Boosts for player level ups 
  • XQ Wildcards

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NBA All World | In-Game Features
(Screenshot: NBA All-World)

Must You Be a Pro to Play NBA All-World?

Word on the street is no! If you love the game, love to dribble, and you’re looking for your next triple-double while proving yourself among the greatest of the game today, then this game is for you. 

It’s a free-to-play game that has exploring features similar to Pokemon GO. One of the exploring features is you use the in-game map to navigate to real-world locations and collect gear and items, earn cash, and more. 

The items and gear you collect will be at real-life locations. For example: if you need money to purchase items in-game, stop by the bank and cash up. If you need fresh kicks for the next shootout or 1v1, stop at a clothing store and see what’s in store for you. There are even exclusive sneaker drops to make sure you’re fresh to death. 

NBA All-World is live and available for download for IOS And Andriod on the Apple iStore and Google Play Store, respectively. 

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