What’s In the Hut in Fear and Hunger? – Answered

Here's what you get for never calling your granny

You’ll find a hut in the woods when you reach the end of Ragnvaldr’s memories. But what lies in the hut? This is Fear and Hunger, and you can bet it’s nothing good. Here’s what’s in the hut in Fear and Hunger.

What’s in the Hut in the Tower of Endless in Fear and Hunger? – Answered

In a game as brutal as Fear and Hunger, caution is always a good idea. Especially when dealing with the unknown. And as you reach the end of Rag’s dream sequence in the Tower of Endless in the past, you’ll find yourself standing in a forest in front of a hut.

And, you guessed it, there’s a boss inside.

That boss is the Skin Granny. And when you first see her, she’ll seem dejected but not particularly dangerous. But underestimating her is a huge mistake.

She’s a powerful enemy and has a lethal attack that will lead to a character’s death. If you want to know how to defeat her, or skip her fight altogether, skip to the bottom.

Who is the Skin Granny in Fear and Hunger?  – Answered

While many players have speculated that she’s a creature formed by Valteil, she’s not. You can ask about her in the Hall of Gods, and this is what they’ll tell you.

”A myth passed on by the wildmen of the north and those who live in Oldegård and it’s surrounding areas. The myth if typically told to new generations as a cautionary tale on what happens if you abandon your family and leave for greener pastures. The black is said to creep from the dark corners of your home cabin, slowly nibbling the form of your beloved ones. The creature is of course just a myth, but the tale lives on strong in the consciousness of the northern folk and often in nightmares the creature has a vivid presence.”

That myth has clearly been taken to the next level with her manifestation in the hut.

Strategy for Defeating the Skin Granny in Fear and Hunger

The Skin Granny is difficult, especially if you’re unprepared for her.

When you first encounter her, she’ll be an old woman. But at the end of her first turn, you’ll see her natural form. This form, which looks like a twisted marionette meshed with a spinning wheel, has three arms, two legs, and a head.

Here are all her attacks.

Limb Attack
LegsKick – minor damage
ArmsCritical Slash – always inflicts Bleeding, has a chance of inflicting Infected Limb or Critical State.
Coin Flip – On a successful throw, she’ll tear off the face of a random character, killing them instantly.
TorsoTackle – Once the left and right arms are gone, she’ll throw herself at you with her toros.

Once the Skin Granny has transformed, at the end of the third turn, she’ll use her coin flip attack. This attack, if it lands, will rip the face off of one of your characters. Instantly killing them. She’ll then briefly wear their face.

Now, here’s how to beat the Skin Granny.

First, you can avoid the fight altogether using an Empty Scroll to get the Endless Soul. Just input “O LORD, GIVE, ENDLESS.” And you’ll be granted the Endless Soul. Easy as pie.

But if you want to fight her, Poison is particularly effective. Weapons that can inflict poison are the Ritual Spear, found on Cave dwellers, or the item Throwing Darts, which can be found in various places.

To stop her lethal attack, guard at the end of the third turn with your main party member. Alternatively, you must destroy all Skin Granny’s arms to stop the attack. There is misinformation floating around that suggests that the middle arm is the one that peels off your face. This is not true. All arms can use the lethal attack.

The Skin Granny’s limbs have between 270 – 300 HP and 1,900 Torso HP in Fear and Hunger difficulty. In Terror and Starvation, the limbs will have 600 HP.  

Other options to protect your party members from her lethal attack are the Iron Mask and Penance Armor. But, while guarding with your main party member will protect the entire party, the Iron Mask or Penance Armor will only protect the person who has that piece of armor equipped. If you opt for this route, having the equipped party member use the Release of Pheromones spell will ensure that the Skin Granny targets them.

Otherwise, guarding and destroying the arms are the best options.

Ultimately, this is a battle of attrition. Poisoning, with Throwing Darts used on her Torso, will make it easier. Otherwise, focus on her arms, then on her torso. The two-handed scissors, while cursed with a low hit rate, does significant damage. And it can be worth the gamble to make this fight go significantly faster.

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