What Is Ubisoft’s Battle Royale, Hyper Scape?

Ubisoft has announced a new battle royale game called Hyper Scape. So, what exactly is it and how can you try it out?

If you’ve been on Twitch recently, you may have noticed a new title rising to the top of the charts called Hyper Scape. This is a new battle royale shooter that is being developed by Ubisoft and has taken Twitch by storm thanks to its partnerships with a handful of content creators. Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape aims to put a new twist on the battle royale genre that has thus far been dominated by games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, so, what exactly is Hyper Scape and how is it different from other games in its genre?

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What is Hyper Scape?

As we mentioned above, Hyper Scape is a new battle royale game from Ubisoft. Like other games in the genre, 100 players will be dropped in the futuristic city of Neo-Arcadia and will be forced to fight for possession of a crown that will appear at the end of the match. Unlike Fortnite and Apex Legends, players will have the opportunity to win without being the last one standing. Towards the end of a match, the Hyper Scape crown will appear and whichever team can carry it for 45 seconds (or be the last team standing) will be declared the winner. 

In addition to the crown, Hyper Scape will also shake up the genre by introducing a new feature called Hacks, which will appear as lootable items, similar to weapons. Hacks will give players special offensive and defensive skills, like the ability to turn invisible or deploy a wall around their squad, to help give their team the edge over another team. Further, Hacks (and weapons) can be upgraded in-game by interacting with the Fusion mechanic, which will make them even more powerful. 

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Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape battle royale game is currently in a limited-time PC technical test that will run from July 2-7. If you’d like to try it out, you can earn a key via Twitch Drops by watching a partnered stream of the game. Unfortunately, keys are very limited and are only available in North America and Europe at the time of writing. If you manage to snag a key, you’ll only be able to play in a three-team squad right now, but Ubisoft has promised that a solo mode will be released later on during the test. Further, there is also a free 10-tier battle pass that players can work their way through with progression being carried over to future tests and the game’s full launch. 

While an official Hyper Scape release date hasn’t been announced yet, it’s quite rare to have a game be officially announced with a playable test the same day. “We’re really excited to let players have a try at it right away and can’t wait to hear what they think of it,” said Hyper Scape’s senior producer Graeme Jennings. “Hyper Scape is a universe that is built to grow, and our players will see the beginnings of that even during our technical test.”

If you haven’t managed to get a key yet, your best bet is to continue watching Twitch streams and hope to be the recipient of a drop. Further, you’ll need to make sure your Twitch account is linked with UPlay to be eligible for a key. While you’re waiting for a drop, be sure to check out some of our recent gaming coverage on our homepage.

What do you think about Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape? Does it sound like something you’d like to play? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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