What to Do with the Magic Quill in Remnant 2

As simple as doodling on the walls

The halls of the beautiful Beatific Palace are lovely, but empty. There are a few fae enemies here and there, and no one else. Save for the diminutive jester, who offers you the Magic Quill. Here’s what to do with the Magic Quill in Remnant 2.

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What to Do with the Magic Quill in Remnant 2

As you travel through Losomn Beatific Palace, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself at a dead end. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone! There’s a fae Jester there, too, sitting atop a massive mile of what looks suspiciously like human bones. Approach him and he’ll do a jig, complete with juggling skulls, before offering you a Magic Quill.

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Which is all well and good! But what does it do? The answer is simpler than you think. It draws.

Like many parts of the fae realm, there are doodled doors here and there, defined by their intricate gold lining. But in the Beatific Palace, those doors are half erased, just fragments of what they should be. Fortunately, the Magic Quill can restore these doors to their original form.

Approach one of these half doors, interact with it, and you’ll be prompted to use a quest item from your inventory. Select the Magic Quill, and your character will set the Quill close to the door. It will then start moving on its own, creating a door.

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My door happened to take me to the Great Hall, which is a great area with plenty of unique items available. From a ribbon that can take on shades of gold and silver, to a brand-new melee weapon. But there’s multiple doors in the Beatific Palace that you can use your Magic Quill (marked as normal doors on your map), and who knows where they’ll take you?

If you do wind up at the Great Palace, it’s very likely you’ll run across the Ravenous Medallion, as it’s the big event of the dungeon. Check out what to do with it here: What to Do with the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2 – Answered.

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