What to Do with the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2 – Answered

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The final Broken Blade has been revealed, and it is the Broken Blade of Cunning. Now, to place it on its heathen pedestal and unlock Deep Dive’s secret encounter. Here’s where to bring the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2.

What to Do with the Broken Blade of Cunning in Destiny 2 – Answered

If you’ve been fishing in the EDZ Outskirts, it’s likely that you’ve encountered a particularly lovely Exotic Fish. This fish, the Aeonian Alpha Betta, is the last Exotic fish to be released during the Season of the Deep. And it has a secret. By turning it into the H.E.L.M. aquarium, you’ll get the Broken Blade of Cunning.

And this Broken Blade is the last of three Broken Blades necessary for Xivu Arath’s secret encounter in the Deep Dive activity. Here’s where to bring it. But note – If you’re trying to start the Exotic encounter, you’ll need to bring all three Broken Blades to all three statues.

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After you complete your first combat encounter in Deep Dive, which involves you fueling up drills, you’ll claim your second Ahsa Blessing. Descend, and you’ll enter a water area. Continue as normal until you reach a point where you’ll have to drop into a circular hole with a fan at the bottom.

Turn off the fan using the switch to get past the blades. Turn left to go through the narrow cave. Once you’ve reached this new depth, keep left. Do no not jump down. By following this path and keeping close to the wall, you’ll find that there are plenty of bubbles to keep you alive until you reach the final Thrall statue.

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