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What to Do With the Antennae From the Munitions Psion in Destiny 2

Mug a Psion, steal his pointy metal stick

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve taken a walk around Ahimsa Park, you’ll find that it’s a battlefield filled with Cabal. And one of these Cabal happen to have a giant antenna that it scurries around with like a little dweeb. Here’s what to do with the antennae that drop from the Munitions Psion in Destiny 2.

What to Do With the Antennae From the Munitions Psion in Destiny 2

Neomuna is a city under siege, primarily by space rhinos incubated and birthed in strange gestation sheets on Calus’s ships. But sometimes, you’ll see a space rhino/Cabal that’s carrying an antenna. This Cabal is a Munitions Psion, which seems to spawn only in Ahimsa Park. It’s notable for its skinny frame and its ability to snipe or shoot you up into the air with their psychic powers, much like other Psions.

What makes it distinct is the antennae on its back. Killing this Psion will lead it to dropping the antennae. You can pick it up, but beware. Immediately you’ll be targeted by overhead drops, or red circles that will flash at your feet. Stand there too long and you’ll be hit by a bombardment, so keep running.

Take a look around you, and you’ll see that there will be a new icon that looks like the Patrol Icon for Kill Combatants.

Follow this icon, and you’ll eventually find a Cabal box where that antennae can be inserted. Do so, and a chest will spawn. The chest will contain the normal contents, glimmer, possibly a piece of weapon or armor, and some EXP.

Note that you’ll likely face resistance from ground Cabal as well as the continuous aerial assault. But you can actually use the aerial bombardment to kill the Cabal surrounding you. Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly fire?

While you’re exploring, why not pick up all the Neomuna chests? Here’s our guide on All Neomuna Region Chests Locations.

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