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What to Do After Beating Fire Emblem Engage

The game only ends when you stop playing

by Daphne Fama

Fire Emblem Engage is a game that will sweep you up in a fantasy story that gets better as it goes, but when you finally put that Fell Dragon in his place… what’s left? What should you do once you beat Fire Emblem Engage?

What to Do After Beating Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t have New Game+ or post-story content, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything left to do. We know that there are a total of four Waves coming as part of the Fire Emblem Expansion Pack. That means there will be, at undisclosed dates, more content to come.

But what if you don’t intend to purchase the expansion packs? Well then, there are a few things to consider:

Start a game on a new difficulty. If you’ve played Fire Emblem Engage on a lower difficulty, trying it on Maddening is a completely different experience with completely new dialogue, if one of your units happens to die. It’s sad, but it truly brings a level of levity to a game that frequently makes the end of the world feel like a fun romp.

Alternatively, playing a game in a more casual setting gives you a chance to play more meme builds. Why not have 1 tank (stacked with Elixirs) and 10 Snipers? The tank to lure in enemies, the archers to annihilate anyone who dares even look in your direction.

Max out all supports and give your second place waifu a chance. One of the best things about Fire Emblem is the supports. While many characters can feel shallow and generic with one character (or even most characters), there’s always more to them than meets the eyes.

And even more importantly, you can achieve S-Rank if you start a new game with your favorite character that you shunned the first go around. And it might not even be the character you thought you were going to choose, if you really go through the effort to max out every rank. I thought Merrin would be a great S-Rank choice, but her supports chilled any romantic inclinations fast.

Destroy real life players in the Tower of Trials. The Tower of Trials allows those with an internet connection to try their hand against other players, either cooperatively or in a show of build-based dominance. This is one of the best motivators I’ve found to create the most optimized builds possible.

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Augment your Engrave Weapons and become unstoppable. Augmenting your weapons is… tedious, to say the least. But it’s also one of the best ways to take your Emblem Rings to the next level. Once you beat the game, you’re able to access new Tempest Trials in the Tower of Trials, which will offer even better rewards. These trials will test your strategy and build in the way that most missions won’t, as they frequently require strategy and sacrifice. But isn’t that what Fire Emblem is all about?

Turn Fire Emblem in a movie. You can watch the entirety of Fire Emblems’ cutscenes from your bedroom in the Somniel once you’ve completed the game. And it’s nice to see everything Alear and her friends have gone through from start to finish. After all, time wears away even the best of memories. Watch them all through to the very end, then end it by playing on the piano in the Divine Dragon’s room. Alear will play a haunting rendition of the final song.

And what better way to end your time with Fire Emblem Engage? At least for now.

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