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How to Augment Your Engage Weapon in Fire Emblem Engage

It's a bit of a grind but totally worth it

by Daphne Fama

Fire Emblem Engage has no end of things to do in the Somniel. But there’s one particular activity that’s easy to overlook and yet happens to be one of the most potent things you can do in the game. That activity is Augmenting your Engage Weapons.

How to Augment Your Engage Weapon in Fire Emblem Engage

Each Emblem Ring hero comes with a unique set of weapons which are unlocked as your units grow closer to that Emblem Ring. But did you know that these powerful weapons can be customized to become even stronger?

Head into the Ring Chamber in the Somniel, and you’ll find that when you approach the pedestal, you’re given a list of options. At the very bottom of this menu is “Engage Weapons”. By clicking this option, we’ll see we have two choices: augment and strip.

Augmenting a weapon allows you to insert certain Augment Crystals into the Weapon of your choice, providing its benefits. Strip allows you to remove those Augment Crystals.

But how does Augmenting Weapons even work?

By clicking Augment, you’ll be presented with an Emblem Ring and their associated weapon on the left side of the screen. You have the option of choosing which weapon you’d like to upgrade by selecting it. Or you can tab into the next Emblem Ring hero by pressing right on the D-Pad.

Once you’ve selected the hero you like, you might notice that there’s a subtitle beneath each weapon. It should read: “Capacity 0 / 1” or any number ranging from 0 to 3. Capacity refers to how many upgrades each weapon can hold. Each weapon’s capacity grows by developing relationships with the Emblem Ring associated with it.

Each Emblem Ring is capable of reaching Level 10. But after that point, you must defeat it in a battle in the overworld in order to unlock the ability to reach Level 20 with that Emblem. This is necessary if you want at least 2 Capacity slots.

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Assuming the weapon you like has at least one Capacity slot available, select it. You’ll then see that there are a variety of stats that can be boosted. These stats are:

  • Mt (Might/Attack)
  • Hit (Hit Rate)
  • Avo (Avoid)
  • Crit (Critical Hit)
  • Ddg (Dodge)
  • Dex (Dexterity)
  • Spd (Speed)
  • Def (Defense)
  • Res (Resistance)

But boosting them isn’t free. You’ll need to obtain Augment Crystals to unlock the boost you want. For example, you’ll need 10 Avoid Augment Crystals to unlock Level 2 Avoid on an Engage Weapon. These Augment Crystals can be obtained by completing Tempest Trials at the Tower of Trials.

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