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What the End of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder Tells Us About Lightfall

Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is lore, there are crazy conspiracy theories.

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2 is a masterclass in world-building and storytelling, with a plot that has unraveled in expansions and seasons. But as the Season of Plunder comes to rest with a final cut scene, players everywhere are asking – what will this reveal about Lightfall?

Lightfall is Destiny 2’s next expansion, arriving on February 28, 2023. It promises to be the most lore-packed expansion yet, as it’s the second to last expansion. Bungie has promised that Lightfall will add new weapons, armor, but more importantly, new worlds, enemies, allies, and storylines.

But how are the Guardians meant to jump the gap from the events in the Season of Plunder to the Lightfall expansion?

What the End of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder Tells Us About Lightfall

At the end of the Season of Plunder, we were treated to the Season’s final cut scene. In it, Mithrax is finally able to study the relics of Nezarec, which the Guardians have collected through the season. Using these relics, Mithrax brewed a tea and imbued it with Darkness, which was then served to the comatose and lightless Osiris.

This tea stirred Osiris, bringing him back to the world of living and his beloved Saint. But Saint came back with more than just his memories as a Guardian and his partner. He could also recall the memories of the Witch Queen, Savathûn, who had taken over his body and posed as him for months. It was the exorcism of Savathûn that left him comatose.

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The insight into Savathûn’s memories has served Guardians well in the past and clearly will do in the future, as these new glimpses revealed that there is a secret power hidden in Neptune. This revelation ties into what Bungie teased during a showcase for Lightfall earlier this year.

Neptune will be a new planet for Guardians to visit, but we know it’s also home of the neon city Neomuna and their Cloud Striders. Cloud Striders are humans who have sacrificed a portion of their life to use bionic implants, which offer them abilities that make them capable of protecting their society. An inverse of guardians, who have little choice but to stand for humanity and live eternally.

Cloud Striders have lived in Neomuna on Neptune for decades, perhaps centuries. But The Witness has ascertained that a powerful artifact is in the possession of the Neomuna people on Neptune and so strife and death are sure to follow. To protect this new, glowing city, the Cloud Striders and Guardians will have to come together to stand against The Witness and their armies.

Season 19, then, is likely to bring us closer to Neptune, if not to Neptune itself. But there are many more questions Guardians are left holding. Will anything more occur with Nezarec’s story? Will the Traveler become infected by the Darkness, as Caiatl foresaw? If, and when, will Rasputin be transferred into an exo body?

Hopefully, we’ll have the answers to these questions soon, with Season 19 releasing on December 6. Eyes to the sky, Guardian.

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