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What Is The Max Slayer Rank In Dauntless

by John Cooper

Dauntless is one of those games where you can rank up as you play, gaining access to increasingly dangerous quests and even better loot as you go. You can increase your rank by defeating the Behemoths that lurk outside of your village, as you climb ever higher you’ll see an increase in both your health and stamina too. While you can play without worrying about it, it is worth your time to make sure you’re progressing and aiming for the top, it’s the best way to earn Mastery Cards and and even stronger weapon mods as well. So, what is the max Slayer rank in Dauntless?

What Is The Max Slayer Rank In Dauntless

As you progress you’ll spend your time working through the Mastery System in Dauntless in order to level up your Slayer Rank. Your Mastery is unique to each of the Behemoths and even to the weapons you use. So, while it is good to focus on one type of weapon, you can also benefit by making sure you’re at least proficient with all of the options available to you. The highest Slayer Rank at present is 50, but this could change. There are a few ways to track your progress towards this as it stands: 

  • Slayer Level: Your current Slayer Level.
  • Behemoth Mastery: Your current Behemoth Mastery level. This measures your Mastery of all Behemoths, not just the one you’re currently viewing.
  • Reward Preview: This is the reward you’ll receive when you reach your next Mastery level.
  • Objectives: Completing objectives raises your overall Slayer Level and the Mastery level related to the card.
  • Progress (Check Box): Complete an objective and it will be marked as complete. 
  • Progress (Bar): Objectives that require multiple hunts or steps will have a progress bar next to them.
  • Progress (Counter): Another way of measuring your progress.

What is the max slayer rank in Dauntless?

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