A variety of new Pokemon was added to the latest entries in the legendary franchise in Sword and Shield. One of these new characters is Corvisquire. This particular creature has become popular among players leading many to be curious about the evolution chain that Corvisquire is included in. Fortunately, we have the level for when this character will evolve covered for you. 

What Level Does Corvisquire Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Players will find that this character is the evolved form of Rookidee. You will see your Rookidee evolve to Corvisquire at level 18. After many hard-fought battles, Corvisquire will then evolve into Corviknight at level 38. 

All three of these characters are flying-types and are making their debuts in the franchise in the newest games that were recently released. Now, you know when exactly you will see the characters in this evolution chain transform into their more powerful forms during your adventures. 

What Level Does Corvisquire Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Trainers looking to secure a creature with a Gigatanmax form will be happy to hear that Corviknight is one of the Gigantamax characters in the new titles. This is why many players have been excited to have their Corvisquires evolve at level 38, as they will be able to gain access to one of the Gigantamax characters these titles have to offer. 

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