What is Weight in Remnant 2? – Answered

This discussion will hold a lot of weight on your gameplay.

Remnant 2 Sawblade Battle
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In Remnant 2, creating a character that suits your playstyle and your specific needs is essential to making the game feel right for you. Whether you want to be a speed demon, darting around the boss faster than it could dare attack, or a hulking tank, slow to move but much harder to take down, there’s a playstyle in the game and a set of gear that can suit you well. One part of that setup is the Weight mechanic, which isn’t discussed much but can be a major part of build crafting. Here’s what Weight is in Remnant 2.

How Does Weight Work in Remnant 2?

Weight is how much your dodges are affected in Remnant 2, from their distance, speed, and stamina cost. This value is affected directly by armor, which you can check the stats of on each piece of armor you wear. Typically, the armor pieces that provide more Armor have higher Weight values to compensate. The effect of Weight changes based on certain breakpoints in the Weight value, which we’ve listed below.

  • 25 or Less: Light – Fast Dodge. No Stamina Cost Penalty
  • 26-50: Medium – Normal Dodge. 25% Stamina Cost Penalty
  • 51-75: Heavy – Slow Dodge. 50% Stamina Cost Penalty
  • 76 or More – Ultra – Flop. 75% Stamina Cost Penalty

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We want to make it clear that Ultra isn’t kidding with how it words its effect. You literally flop to the ground and are forced to clamber up slowly. This makes you susceptible to attack but also means you’ll be blocking anywhere between 20-25% more damage over Light armor. For most people, the sweet spot will be 26-50. There, you’ll have enough armor and dodge speed that you’ll manage just fine. If you have more money than you know what to do with though, getting super heavy armor so you can see the flop animation is super goofy.

If you’re digging further into the game’s stats and what everything does, check out our guide on what Grey Health is in Remnant 2 and how you can affect it.

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