What is Variable Rate Shading in Starfield? – Answered

Trying to increase your FPS?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been rummaging through the Starfield graphics settings in an attempt to raise your FPS. Near the bottom of the graphics settings list is an option named Enable VRS. Since this option doesn’t exactly explain what VRS actually does, I’ll attempt to do so below.

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Starfield Variable Rate Shading Explained

To put it as simply as possible, VRS is an algorithm that saves processing power by reducing the rate of shading in certain areas of your screen. It does so by segmenting each frame into regions and supplies more processing power to complex regions and less processing power to less complex regions.

While that sounds like a bunch of tech mumbo-jumbo, I can say with certainty that if your FPS in Starfield is struggling, you’ll want to have VRS enabled. This may squeeze out a few more FPS throughout your playthrough.

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How to Increase FPS in Starfield

If you’ve enabled VRS and your FPS is still lower than you’d like, there are a few more actions you can take to try to increase your performance.

Here are some tips to increase your Starfield performance:

  • Turn Render Resolution Scale Down
  • Use the Low Graphics Preset
  • Enable Dynamic Resolution
  • Close any other applications (Internet Browser, Discord, etc)

As of right now, those are some of the best methods for increasing your performance in Starfield. If you aren’t against modding your saves, keep your eyes on Nexus Mods for any performance-increasing mods, as modders are bound to create one at some point.

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