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When you’re jumping into the world of Starfield, knowing if your monitor is going to display the game properly can be rather important. With Ultrawide monitors becoming more and more common, you’ll find that it’s becoming more common for games to launch with Ultrawide support. Does Starfield launch on PC or Xbox with these particular features, or will you need to play with black bars on the side of your screen? Let’s find out if Starfield is going to blow your monitor away or not.

Does Starfield Have Ultrawide Support On PC?

Starfield does support Ultrawide on PC, but there are a few times when it will default to the standard 16:9, such as when you enter the Menu or the Character Creator. However, when you are exploring the world, you’ll be treated to the standard 21:9 goodness.

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This is great news, especially for gamers who have grown accustomed to their Ultrawide monitors, especially since other AAA games do not support Ultrawide by default.

Does Starfield on Xbox Series X|S Support Ultrawide?

Unfortunately, for gamers jumping into Starfield on Xbox, there is no support for Ultrawide monitors on any game that you play. While you can technically plug your console into a monitor like this, you will not be able to display it in proper Ultrawide.

This may be a shame for those hoping to use your new console with your favorite monitor; you’ll have to see the black bars on the side of your screen.

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If you’ve got a beefy enough PC to handle Starfield and want to take advantage of the Ultrawide support, be sure to get the game installed onto your PC and keep your Xbox plugged into your TV. If you’re playing on Game Pass, you’ll have the option to sync your save, so you won’t lose your progress wherever you’re playing.

No matter if you’re hoping to find the perfect background for your character or you just need a little help figuring out where to go next, be sure to check out our Starfield section below. We’re embarking on this journey alongside you, and we’ll be here for every step of your journey throughout the vast reaches of space.

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