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What is the Wolf Beacon in Warframe? – Answered

Far from a beacon of hope, that's for sure.

To call Warframe a confusing game would be an utter understatement. Once you’re into the experience it’s hard to get out of it, but getting into the game is the difficult part. You have mods, weapon/frame builds, open worlds, and all the rest that you’ll need to learn before you can dig deep into the adventure. One such part of that is the Nightwave system, including a particular reward that brings a ton of confusion surrounding its usefulness. Here’s what the Wolf Beacon is in Warframe.

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What Do You Use the Wolf Beacon For?

The Wolf Beacon can be found within the Nightwave Cred Offerings screen in the Nightwave menu. It can be purchased for 50 Creds and can be attached to your Gear wheel in your Arsenal. Once you have it in your Gear wheel, head into any mission where an assassin target can attack you (i.e. The Stalker, enemy Syndicates, etc.). Use the beacon, and the Wolf of Saturn Six will attack. This is a standard assassin target and will require you to take him down to proceed. This can only be done once per mission, so you’ll need to head into another mission to spawn him again.

The Wolf of Saturn Six is a difficult assassin target to defeat, especially since he’ll bring along three Saturn Six fugitives to help him. Don’t underestimate the target, especially if this is your first time taking him down. Once you have, he can drop certain mods, weapon parts for the Wolf Sledge melee weapon, a rare resource, his mask, or Nitain Extract. Your main reason to farm him will be the weapon parts since the Wolf Sledge’s blueprint and its parts can only be acquired through farming him.

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Farming the Wolf of Saturn Six is far from the most difficult or annoying enemy to farm in Warframe, but it’s suggested you leave this until much later in your grind. 50 Creds to fight the boss one time is a lot to ask, and those Creds could be spent on many other things. You also have the Duviri Paradox expansion imminent, the release timeframe of which you can find in our guide.

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