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What Is the Solo Operative Mod and How Does It Work in Destiny 2

Trade friendship for big numbers. Live without regret.

by Daphne Fama

Destiny 2 is a game that can be played in multiple layers. It’s a game that can easily be played with a focus just on armor and weapons that feel good. But, if you want to elevate your damage and how you play, mods are an essential component. So, let me introduce to you my favorite Mod in Destiny: Solo Operative. Here’s precisely what Solo Operative is and how it works in Destiny 2.

What Is the Solo Operative Mod and How Does It Work in Destiny 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve been playing Destiny for a long time. I’ve had friends come and go, clans rise and die. But the one thing that remains consistent is me, and my fireteam of one. That’s… a little sad, now that I’ve said it, but that’s not the point.

Destiny 2 has made a significant point about the importance of fire teams and co-op play over the years. Many Supers, abilities, mods, and even weapons have some sort of co-op function, rewarding you for playing with others. And as for solo players, well. We’ve been left out in the dust.

Until Solo Operative. Solo Operative is one of the most recent mods brought to Destiny, introduced in Season of the Seraph. And what it does is ask for 5 energy of any type in order to increase your damage to all combatants. Grunts, bosses, vehicles. You’ll get a damage boost to it all, applied across all weapons, all abilities. By 15%.  

And it stacks. Yeah. If you’re a Warlock running Well of Radiance, which grants you 25% damage increase, you’ll get a grant total of 40% damage increase. Now, add Font of Might, a mod that adds 25% damage to all weapons of the matching elemental type, each time you pick up an elemental well.

You can’t always be popping Supers (and frankly, I prefer my Voidlock to Solar Builds), which makes Solo Operative and Font of Might more consistent. Running both will give you a consistent, low-effort 40% damage increase to pretty much any encounter you want to solo.

Dungeons? Solo’able. Exotic Legend Quests? Solo’able. Loneliness? Well, nothing’s perfect. But what are friends in the face of big numbers? Personally, I haven’t taken that mod off since it’s been released, and if you’ve seen any of my guides with screenshots, this buff features in the left side of the screen permanently.

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As for how to get it, it’s available to everyone in the game. You just need to unlock it from the fifth column of your Seraph Cipher Artifact. You know, that purple thing in the bottle left corner of your character screen. And with only two weeks left in the Season of the Seraph, you likely already have access to it.

If you didn’t choose it, just reset your artifact and select it. Now, good luck getting those big numbers.

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