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What is the Most Expensive Knife Skin in CS:GO? – Answered

This might pay off someone's loans.

Ever since the CS:GO skin update years back, the skin trading market has kept growing, with more new skin patterns being added every once in a while. This craze goes so deep that there are thousands of people making a decent living out of trading these skins. The “buy low, sell high” doctrine has really paid off well for them!

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Now, all of you are here on Prima Games because you’re wondering what’s the most expensive knife skin in CS:GO. You will be direly surprised when you decide to scroll down this article.

Which Knife in CS:GO is Most Valuable?

Of course, some of you have guessed it: a Karambit Knife is the most valuable skin. But not just any Karambit. We are talking about the very unique pattern of Case Hardened look, that’s dubbed “Blue Claw”.

Naturally, it goes without saying that you should take this information with a grain of salt. The backstory for this knife comes from a YouTube Personality called “ohnepixel2” (video linked).

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Allegedly, a collector from China possesses this knife and is asking around $1.5 million for it. In the linked video, you can see an alleged chat log where the owner of this fabled Karambit says that $1.2 million in BitCoin is “too low”.

Is the Blue Claw Karambit (Case Hardened) Really Worth Over $1.5 Million?

Yes and no. Why? Because of the simple “Supply and Demand”. One can ask for a certain price to part from their possession, but another person needs to agree to that price. Yes, we admit that the chances of getting this exact knife from a case might be over 1 in 500 million or something astronomic like that, but still, two parties in the trade need to meet somewhere “halfway” where the price is (somewhat) acceptable for both sides.

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Even if the trade under that price happens, that price might still be inflated and the new owner of the skin might not be able to resell it for the same (or higher) value. In the end, everyone has the right to ask for a certain value for their goods.
This knife is currently probably the only one in existence. If a second would appear in circulation, the price of both of them would probably drop under $1 million.

That’s it for this expensive virtual knife that can’t help you cook your dinner, hunt in the wilds, or whatever. But it could certainly help you pay off your mortgage.

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