What is the Minecraft Essential Mod? – Answered

More than the bare necessities

Playing vanilla Minecraft is just like ordering a plain cheeseburger. There’s nothing wrong with it, and it might just be exactly what you need and enjoy, but it can get boring after some time. You can ask for more cheese, tomatoes or even extra pickles to pump up your order. But things are different in Minecraft, where instead you can go for some spicy, juicy mod packs. And the Minecraft Essential Mod acts like one of the most ordered, trusted burgers in the house. We’ll explain in our guide below.

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Minecraft Essential Mod Explained

The Essential Mod pack for Minecraft is a complementary add-on that features various small-but-important changes to the game that make your experience more worthwhile. Quoting their official page, Essential “is a quality of life mod that boosts Minecraft Java to the next level”. It doesn’t act like a huge mod pack with new mobs and mechanics like Cobblemon or any other series-inspired mod pack, but as an improvement to the plain old vanilla game.

Adding extra perks such as easier ways of joining your friend’s world, better screenshot management, emotes and wardrobe options, Essential makes a multiplayer session a much more enjoyable experience for all players involved. It’s also compatible with custom Java launchers, which usually have their own Quality-of-Life mods included, so using both is recommended. 

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Multiplayer is the big feature here, as Essential gives you some smooth ways to create a new world with your friends and adds a better Direct Messages system for you and your friends. Joining a pre-existent world is easier too, so there’s little to no reason not to try it out if your group of friends is going through the seasonal Minecraft stage.

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The mod pack is essentially free, having only its exclusive optional outfits available for purchase in-game. You can still use your community-created skin, though, so you’re not obliged to buy anything. Other mods are also compatible, so feel free to use them as long as the game doesn’t break completely. You’ll be glad you did.

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