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What is the Maximum Light Level in Destiny 2’s Season of The Seraph? – Answered

The goal of every game: make number bigger

by Daphne Fama

Destiny, as an MMO Looter Shooter, has countless numbers associated with everything. From armor to guns, everything can be leveled, improved, refined into its most efficient and optimal form. But one number is more important than all others – power level.

Power Level (the official name, but who doesn’t refer to it as Light Level?) is the defining number for most Guardians. The higher your Power Level, the more damage you do and the less damage you take. It’s also a guiding question for whether you can participate in many mid-to-end game activities in Destiny 2. You only need to pop onto a Looking For Group site or app to see that Power Levels are a hard boundary for whether you’ll get accepted into a person’s Fireteam.

What’s the Maximum Power Level for the Season of The Seraph in Destiny 2?

If you’re just joining Destiny in the Season of The Seraph, your Guardian will start off at 1350. From here, you’ll be able to grind out gear from general drops up to 1530. That’s a huge jump! But if you want to go any higher, you’ll have to do some leg work.

You’ll need to start completing weekly challenges, such as Strikes, Gambit, the Crucible, or the Weekly Challenges offered by the vendors at the Tower. Manage these correctly, and you’ll hit the 1580 Power Level Hard Cap. The term “Hard Cap” would imply that this is the absolute top level you can go. But it isn’t.

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Grind out Pinnacle long enough over the course of the Season, and you’ll be able to hit the Pinnacle Cap. 1590 Power Level, the Pinnacle Cap, is technically the highest Power Level available for Guardians in the Season. This is the number that will follow you into Season 20. But you’ll likely see Guardians with Power Levels even higher than that. How is this possible?

It’s done by using the Seasonal Artifact, the Seraph Cipher. By gaining exp, Guardians will slowly level up Seraph Cipher after you’ve done the introductory story missions. Beyond offering a great collection of mods for your weapons and equipment, this artifact can also increase your Power Level. So, technically, you could get to 1600 or perhaps even higher. But doing so would be a massive time commitment, and those extra 10 levels will vanish when Season 20 arrives, making 1590 the true maximum Power Level for the Season of The Seraph.

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