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What is the Max Level in Dead Island 2 – Answered

You'll hit the cap before you know it

Dead Island 2 is the rare mix of action, survival horror, and roleplay game. You have got plenty of kickass weaponry, but what is as equally important as your weapons is yourself. The higher your level, the higher your stats can go. So, what is the max level in Dead Island 2?

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What is the Max Level in Dead Island 2 – Answered

If you came into Dead Island 2 expecting a pure action game that focused purely on weaponry, you were likely surprised. Stats, levels, and skills are a huge part of the gameplay, which you will likely realize as you level up.

There are quite a few levels to grab. You can grind all the way up the max level of 30, before you hit the Dead Island 2 level cap. If that cap feels low, do not worry. It is quite the grind, even if you complete all the side quests and take advantage of some early game XP farms.

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But is it worth hitting level 30 as soon as possible? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because certain skill cards are attached to your level, and you will get higher stats as you level. Do not expect to stomp on any enemy you encounter once your level 30. The downside of being at such a high level is that all enemies scale with you, meaning you will always be in for a challenge. This is one way to keep the game fair and challenging, from start to finish.

However, if you find the game too challenging, you might want to opt for going the co-op route. Zombie killing is always more fun with friends!

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