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Tiny Fishing is the perfect no-objective, no-stress game if you ever feel like the sea is calling you. Just sit on a boat and get loads of money by fishing as you like. It feels like you could do this forever. But what if that’s actually the truth? That fishing hole seems to be pretty deep, but does it have an end? Here’s the maximum depth in Tiny Fishing.

Is There a Maximum Depth in Tiny Fishing?

There’s no maximum depth in Tiny Fishing. Or at least no one has managed to reach it just yet. The maximum depth we could find was 1215m from a YouTube video by user TinyFishingPro777. They posted a video in 2021 reaching said depth, but it seems like there was nothing new to find beneath those dark waters.

They got tons of cash from that single hook cast, but that’s it. The maximum depth seems to be indefinite. From this point on, you’re basically just fishing because you enjoy it since there are no fish and visuals won’t change no matter how deep you might go. Fish will also be the same after reaching a certain point and it seems like there’s not even a value increase for them, so your money production gets quite stale after that point.

Despite rumors about sharks being found deep in the ocean, it looks like they’re simply that. Dolphins are the closest thing you’ll get to them. Unless the game receives a new update out of a sudden, but I wouldn’t bet on that for now.

If you want to reach those depths by yourself, AFK farming might be the way. But it definitely feels nice to throw your line repeatedly, especially when you get so many big cash numbers at once. Fishing always soothes the soul in a special way.

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