What is the Exact Release Time of The Day Before? – Answered

What about the day after?

The Day Before Release Times Global
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Today is the day when we get to play The Day Before and the launch will happen simultaneously no matter your timezone. In this article, we bring you the exact Early Access release times for all time zones for The Day Before.

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When Does The Day Before Release Across the World?

The global release of The Day Before will happen on Steam, on December 7, 2023 (in most of the world at least). Depending on where you live, you will be able to start playing The Day Before at different hours, so there is no need for any New Zealand VPN tricks since it’s a simultaneous release. Below, we will show a list of release times for all timezones:

At What Time Does The Day Before Release in my Time Zone?

Here are all the major time zones with their respective release times for The Day Before. Technically speaking, some players will be able to play The Day Before on the day before compared to others, but those are time zones for you.

  • 9 AM in Alaska (AKST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 10 AM in Los Angeles, California (PST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 11 AM in Denver, Salt Lake City… (MST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 12 PM in Chicago, Kansas, Mexico City (CST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 1 PM in New York, Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, Lima, Bogota… (EST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 2 PM in Halifax, Caracas, San Juan, Hamilton (AST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 3 PM in Rio de Janeiro – December 7th
  • 6 PM in London (GMT) – December 7th
  • 7 PM in Paris (CET) – December 7th
  • 8 PM in Cairo, Athens, Sofia, Helsinki… (EET Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 9 PM in Moscow, Istanbul, Riyadh… (MSK Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 10 PM in Azerbaijan and Georgia (SAMT Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 11 PM in Yekaterinburg (Russia) and Pakistan (YEKT Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 11:30 PM in New Delhi, India (IST Time Zone) – December 7th
  • 12 AM in Astana, Kazakhstan (ALMT Time Zone) – December 8th
  • 1 AM in Bangkok (KRAT / ICT Time Zone) – December 8th
  • 2 AM in Singapore and Beijing, China (CST Time Zone) – December 8th
  • 3 AM in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan (KST / JST Time Zone) – December 8th
  • 5 AM in Sydney, Australia (AEDT Time Zone) – December 8th
  • 6 AM in the Marshall Islands (GILT Time zone) – December 8th
  • 7 AM in Auckland, New Zealand (NZDT Time Zone) – December 8th

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